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To capitalize on social media, companies rethink their products and services

If you don't want your company to be slammed online, just don't suckBut what if you want to generate positive attention online?

For some companies, the answer is simple: rethink how products and services are delivered.


Cinematic Pins bring animation, video to Pinterest advertising

The most popular next-generation social platforms are finally seeking to monetize, but they're not doing it in traditional ways.

In an effort to more tightly integrate their ad offerings into their user experiences, these companies are increasingly creating their own unique formats.


10 practical Vine and Instagram video tips for brands

I was recently invited to speak at the CIM social video boot camp, where I demonstrated some tips for how brands can get the best from social video apps.

In my presentation I covered a range of guidance for both Vine and Instagram video platforms, much of which I’ve already covered in the previous how to be brilliant at Instagram and Vine guides.

However as the apps have gone through many updates over the past 12 months, I thought I’d share with you some more practical, technical advice that has come to light.


Tweet-to-order pizza: PR stunt or the future of social?

Hungry for a hot pizza? Starting next week, pizza lovers in the United States will be able to tweet their orders to Domino's, one of the largest national chains.


Can a redesign turn Flickr into a powerful social media platform once again?

In 2006, Web 2.0 entrepreneurs Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake graced the cover of Newsweek. The founders of Flickr were "putting the ‘We’ in Web."


In social, marketers enjoy free lunches while they last

Executing successful social media marketing campaigns has become more costly over the years, and for many brands, organic success is harder and harder to find. But that doesn't mean it no longer exists.


12 best branded Instagram videos from April 2015

Welcome to our monthly round-up of the best branded Instagram videos from the last four weeks.

April features a variety of goodies, from free-form architecture, to made-up sports, fictitious holidays and other weirdness, replete with all the stunning insight you’ve come to expect from this beloved round-up.


Instagram carousel ads gain traction as social content marketing gets more visual

Instagram has fast become a go-to social platform for brands and Instagram's owner, Facebook, has been encouraging advertisers to embrace it as its user ranks have swelled to more than 300m.

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10 of the best social campaigns and stories from March 2015

Where has the year gone? It’s almost April already, which means it’s time for yet another monthly social roundup.

This time it features campaigns and news stories from the likes of Honda, Adidas, Samsung and several others.

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Monetising Instagram for brands: take two

In a perfect storm of storytelling and somehow trying to make Instagram a monetisable platform, your 14 year-old niece’s favourite social network introduced a clickable carousel function last week.

Marketers have been clamouring for a way to turn Instagram into a source of measurable revenue instead of a mere engagement/brand awareness tool.


How mouth-watering is Krispy Kreme’s social media strategy?

I asked the same question of Dunkin' Donuts last year, and frankly it was an easy one to answer.

Dunkin’ Donuts has been doing excellent work since it landed on social six years ago, with great personal interaction on Twitter, mouth-watering video content on Vine and dangerously tempting images posted on Instagram.


Nine of the best social campaigns and stories from February 2015

The start of a new month means it’s time for our regular roundup of news stories and campaigns from the world of social media.

As always it’s necessary to add in the caveat that you won’t find any hard metrics or ROI in this post.