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New research: Cross-Channel Marketing Survey now live

In partnership with Responsys, Econsultancy has launched some new research for 2012, the Cross-Channel Marketing Survey, which looks at the cross-section of different online and offline channels, including integration with email, display advertising, mobile, plus much more. 

The research aims to benchmark trends within the market, and the launch of this brand-new survey reflects the growing necessity for companies to take an integrated approach to marketing and remove the organisational barriers that are holding them back. 


What is replatforming and why is it important?

Online technologies move at a frightening pace, and it is a big problem for businesses that operate online and that want to keep up with the latest new trend or technique.


Mobile marketing: stop thinking sales and start thinking experience

It really isn’t news that there has been a surge in the app economy globally. With the rise in the numbers of smartphones, marketer managers are scrambling to build an app for their brands, many without even figuring out their mobile web presence first.

And so far, marketers have treated mobile as a platform that serves to be a substitute to other existing platforms. Retail stores focus on creating a product catalogue, hotels let you make reservations, and so on. The emphasis has been, for the most part, on awareness and purchase. 


Q&A: DoSomething's Aria Finger on the youth market

Do Something COO Aria FingerAs chief operating officer of, Aria Finger is tuned in to what it takes to get the attention of young people.

We talked with her recently about how the organization approaches its partnerships with brands and how it uses an integrated online and offline marketing strategy to inspire volunteerism.


Integrating search and display challenging for marketers: report

The notion that together search and display advertising can be greater than the sum of their parts is nothing new. But when it comes to actually making them greater than the sum of their parts in the real world, large marketers are apparently having some trouble.

That's what Forrester Consulting found in a study that was published yesterday.

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Five social media New Year's resolutions

2011 is here, and for social media, it looks to be a good year.

After all, 2010 was a banner year. Spurred by the growing popularity of popular social media hubs like Facebook and Twitter, many marketers upped their investments in social media last year. And this year, a good number are expected to up their investments again.


Seven departments you should involve in search marketing (but probably don’t)

Search engine marketers tend to work in isolation. The SEO and PPC function sits in various departments depending on the company. Sometimes it's marketing, sometimes IT and other times web design or maybe e-commerce.

Most of the time though, integration with other business functions is minimal and work goes on without consideration for other business activities.

But search engine marketing should be something which is at the heart of a businesses operating online. Every part of your business should be aware of your search engine marketing strategy and how what they do, influences it.

An effective search engine marketing programme involves most areas of your business; here are seven business functions which should be involved in your search marketing.


The importance of integrated multichannel marketing

Integration and Multichannel are words on the lips of almost every marketer in the world.  Whether you are an offline marketer or digital marketer, developing integrated, multichannel marketing campaigns is now a critical element of planning and strategy, but the skill-sets to be able to do this effectively are often lacking. 

In Econsultancy's course on 'Multichannel Marketing', I'll be exploring how integration really works and how to plan, execute and measure campaigns in a multichannel environment. Read this extract below of some of the themes that are discussed in the course.