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Apple's answer to Windows 8 ultrabooks: a $799 MacBook Air?

Windows 8 is coming, and Microsoft isn't the only company hoping that its newest operating system is a hit with consumers.

Chip giant Intel is betting big on ultrabooks -- thin, lightweight laptops similar to the MacBook Air -- and is investing big bucks to ensure that a slew of them hit store shelves as soon as Windows 8 is released later this year. The good news for consumers on a budget: some of those ultrabooks could cost as little as $699 if manufacturers have their way.


Five brands that are using Google+ effectively

According to latest figures, Google+ now has over 100m users. A phenomenal feat when you consider that the network has only been around for a little over six months.

So it's no surprise to see more and more brands getting in on the act.

The challenge many brands are facing with Google+ is how to use the network as a business communications tool and what use they can find for it that they would not be able to find on other similar networks.

A few brands are already making interesting moves, using it in effective ways to engage with their audiences... 

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Does Plan UK's facial recognition ad have any benefits beyond PR?

Non-profit organisation Plan UK has installed a digital billboard on London’s Oxford Street which only displays its full content to women.

Plan’s ‘Because I am A Girl’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by world’s poorest women, and prevents men from viewing the content to mirror the fact that girls “are denied choices and opportunities on a daily basis due to poverty and discrimination.”


The worst, and best thing since sliced bread: Intel's $50 processor upgrade

When it comes to desktop software and web-based applications, consumers are used to shelling out money for additional features. There are multiple versions of software packages, for instance, and many paid web services offer different features at different prices.

It's a model that might soon be coming to the hardware market. Over the weekend, news broke that Intel has begun selling computers equipped with its Pentium G6951 processor with a $50 "processor performance upgrade" card. As the name implies, the card enables the owner of a computer with a Pentium G6951 processor to "upgrade" the capabilities of the processor, for a price.


The EU's next antitrust jackpot? Google

If you're a big tech company, chances are the EU isn't your friend. Why? Just ask Intel or Microsoft. Targeted by the EU for antitrust violations, combined both companies have been forced to pay billions of dollars in fines. Other companies, like Oracle and Qualcomm, have faced EU antitrust scrutiny as well, but who eventually managed to escape with only a few minor bruises.

So it's probably no surprise that the EU is now eyeing another tech giant: Google.


In-store facial recognition ads from Intel and Microsoft

Despite advances in online shopping, there are still some things people like to buy in person. And no matter how advanced ecommerce gets, the tactile act of shopping in stores will continue to entice many consumers.

That's why Intel is partnering with Microsoft to help deliver and improve digital in-store advertisements. But consumers may not be excited to see what the new technology will know about them.

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The Gray Lady lends its brand to advertisers

The New York Times, desperate to earn some money in these dire times for media sites, is experimenting with advertising online and seeing some positive results. 

Unwilling, or perhaps unable to wait for advertisers to start pouring money into the web, The Times is using its own creative team — and its brand — to make itself more attractive to advertisers.

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