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Brand adoption of Instagram continues to grow rapidly: report

When Facebook announced that it was acquiring photo-based social network Instagram for $1bn in April, the upstart had around 30m registered users and less than 1m daily active users.

Today, Instagram boasts more than 100m registered users and more than 11m daily active users.

Not surprisingly, that has given brands seeking to expand beyond social networking stalwarts like Facebook and Twitter to give Instagram a look. And they're not just looking: according to new research published by social analytics firm Simply Measured, brand adoption of Instagram has jumped by 35% since August and more than half of the Interbrand 100 are now active on the service.


Use of Instagram growing among top brands: report

Brands continue to invest heavily in their presences on social media stalwarts like Facebook and Twitter and when it comes to newcomers, Pinterest seems to be creating the most buzz.

But the company that Facebook agreed to purchase for $1bn, Instagram, is quietly seeing adoption from a growing number of brands.