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Q&A: Golden Krishna explains why the best interface is no interface

How should we be thinking about UX and interface design? What makes for great experiences?

Golden Krishna is a senior UX Designer at Zappos Labs, and is author of 'The best interface is no interface'.

Ahead of his keynote at tomorrow's Future of Digital Marketing conference in London, I asked Golden about the problems with screen-based thinking...

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Q&A: Martin Talks on VR and digital marketing

VR looks set to become more mainstream, but what implications does this have for marketing? 

I've been talking to Martin Talks, founder of 10x Army, a wearable tech and IoT company which specialises in virtual reality (VR). 

He'll be speaking at our Future of Digital Marketing conference this week, looking at VR and digital marketing. 


Q&A: Digital marketing and the next generation

William Higham is a Consumer Futurist, speaker and author. He is also CEO of forecasting and strategy consultancy The Next Big Thing. 

He will be delivering the afternoon keynote at this week's Future of Digital Marketing conference looking at Digital Marketing and the Next Generation. 

I caught up with William today to talk about the future of digital marketing. 


Q&A: eBay on mobile commerce and innovation

EBay invested heavily in mobile from very early on, and its sales now reflect the value of this strategy. 

Almost half of eBay’s transactions globally are now touched by mobile at some point in the transaction, whether people research or buy on moble. 

I've been speaking to Jonathan Gabbai, Head of International Mobile at eBay about its mobile strategy...


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on the power of the cloud

I had the pleasure of meeting Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce last week at Exact Target's Connections conference in Indianapolis.

Together with other analysts from Gartner and Forrester, we were given some untethered access to him as well as to Scott McCorkle, CEO of Exact Target Marketing Cloud and Alex Dayon, President, Products at Salesforce. 

In private, Benioff the man is very different from the on stage persona many of us are familiar with - the exuberant showman, evangelizing the company he founded with the all the energy and enthusiasm of a gospel preacher.

Any of you who have ever attended his company's annual Dreamforce event will know what I'm talking about.

Like the oft-repeated meme in HBO's Silicon Valley, the audience is presented with the idea of a business that's 'making the world a better place'. Superlatives abound as the crowd applaud.

Brothers and sisters, I believe in the power of the cloud! One thing's for sure, Benioff and his team know how to put on a show.


Q&A: Selfridges' Simon Forster on the brand's multichannel retail strategy

Selfridges has just relaunched its website, part of a £40m investment over the next five years, which aims to future-proof the business. 

We paid a visit to Selfridges' London offices for a preview of the new site, and a chat with the company's Multichannel Director Simon Forster. 

Here, he explains the thinking behind the redesign, the growth of mobile shoppers, and the challenges of presenting a luxury user experience. 


Q&A: on SEO, PR, and online customer service relaunched its site last year, and also began a more PR-focused approach to SEO, after receiving a penalty or two from Google. 

Now, a year or so later, this approach seems to be working. I've been asking Adam Cassar, digital marketing manager at, about this SEO strategy, its site redesign and its new 'digital concierge' service. 

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IBM on its agile marketing strategy: the theory and the practice

I have written a lot about the opportunities of adopting an agile marketing approach.

However, it is quite hard to find many examples of this being practiced yet, particularly at any kind of scale, and even more particularly by organisations that are not start-ups. IBM is one such example and it is great to see B2B marketing leading the way here. 

Ben Edwards is VP, Global Communications & Digital Marketing at IBM. He leads the company's global communications function, global advertising & media, brand strategy & design, digital strategy and IBM Marketing Labs.

Following is a transcript of an interview I did with him to understand IBM's thinking around agile marketing and how this is playing out in practice. 


Q&A: Kopi's Philip Wilkinson on the Cafedirect acquisition

Gourmet coffee subscription service Kopi was recently acquired by Cafedirect, three years after its launch. 

I've been talking to Kopi co-founder Philip Wilkinson about the deal and the challenges of building a subscription business...


The Student Room Group on the importance of conversion rate optimisation

The Student Room Group is one of the UK's largest sites for students, and has experienced plenty of success with a continuous CRO (conversion rate optimisation) strategy. 

I spoke to director of optimisation Pete Taylor to find out more about the company's conversion optimisation strategies, what's proved to be effective, and which tools are the most useful...


Nominet explains the reasons for .uk domains

Nominet's proposals to add a .uk domain have not been popular, to put it mildly.

However, it has decided to introduce the change anyway, albeit with some minor concessions. 

Critics point out that the new domains aren't necessary, devalue the existing domains, and impose unwanted costs on online businesses.

So why has Nominet decided to go ahead with the move anyway? I've asked the question... 


Best Western: how customer experience and telling stories will grow your business

Tim Wade is Director of Marketing & Ecommerce at Best Western Hotels, and has been responsible for repositioning  the brand in Great Britain under the strap line ‘Hotels with personality’.

Tim will be speaking at our JUMP event on October 9 about the importance of customer experience and storytelling for the brand.

In advance of this, I've been asking him about the story behind his presentation...