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Start Me Up! A profile of Punos Mobile

Meeting Assistant is the first app from Finnish startup Punos Mobile, which aims to improve the porductivity and outcomes from business meetings. 

I've been asking Founder and CEO Hannu Alakangas about the compant, the product, and its plans for the future...


Start Me Up! A profile of TubeRank

Video content is an increasingly important part of any brands marketing mix. TubeRank aims to help agencies and brands make viral videos, with the ambition to make YouTube a better place full of better content.

I've been asking TubeRank founder Chris Quigley about the app and the company's business model...


Q&A: RSA's Dan Huddart on web analytics and optimisation

Dan Huddart heads Web Analytics at RSA Group, a global insurance company. He oversees a group of analysts which works as an internal agency across all RSA brands, overseeing analytics and optimisation of digital properties in 33 countries.  

Below he talks about testing, personalisation, a global web dashboard and how showing images of the right breed of dog can significantly improve pet insurance conversion rates.


Start Me Up! A profile of 


Leadfindr is a new startup from Mark Rogers, Raoul Urma and Econsultancy guest blogger Justin Rees. It is a social media lead generation platform that enables brands to use social media to find genuine prospects.

I've been asking Justin and Mark about Leadfindr, the business model behind it, and the company's plans for world domination...


Start Me Up! A profile of Foap

Foap is a mobile mobile stock photography agency, which allows users of its app to sell their iPhone images on the Foap Market. 

I've been asking the company about its business model and plans for the future. 


Start Me Up! A profile of VouchedFor

VouchedFor is a startup which lets people find, rate and review financial advisers. Its investors have previously been involved with Zoopla, eBay, Betfair, Ocado and Capital One.

I've been asking CEO and Founder Adam Price about VouchedFor's business model, and his future plans... 


Start Me Up! A profile of KashFlow

KashFlow is a web based accounting system, which has been developed for small businesses. 

I've been asking Founder and CEO Duane Jackson to explain KashFlow's business model and its future plans.


Start Me Up! A profile of Convertable

Convertable is a web app which aims to improve the quality of information captured on contact forms for lead generation.

It grabs additional data, including keyword, geo-location, pages viewed, and visitor history for each individual contact.

I've been asking Chris Hull and Patrick Smith how the app works, and the company's plans for the future... 


Start Me Up! A profile of adeven

Based in Berlin, adeven is a mobile analytics and ad verification company, which aims to enable advertisers and agencies to understand and optimise effective mobile campaigns in real time. 

We asked the three founders, Christian Henschel, Paul H. Müller and Manuel Kniep to explain the business model and the company's future plans. 


Start Me Up! A profile of Owned it

Owned it is a new social commerce platform that aims to help online retailers increase conversions through social referrals.

We've been asking the team behind Owned it about the platform, its business model, and their plans for world domination...


Q&A: Nominet on the .uk domain proposals

Nominet's recent proposals for a .uk extension for domain names have not been met with universal approval. 

There is much concern that the new domains will end up costing online businesses a lot of money with no obvious benefits to compensate. 

In an email Q&A, I put some of these concerns to Nominet's Director of Marketing and Communications Phil Kingsland...


Start Me Up! A profile of Tamome

While the affiliate model has worked very well online, there is a need for a solution which helps publishers to make the most of mobile.

This is what Tamome has been launched to achieve. I've been asking CEO and founder Christian Louca about the company, and its plans for the future...