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Evans Cycles on the key drivers for multichannel shopping

Will Lockie is Multichannel Head at Evans Cycles, responsible for helping a 90 year old retail brand bridge the gap between online and offline. 

He'll be presenting at our JUMP event on October 9, on the subject of identifyng drivers for multichannel shopping behaviour to improve multichannel experience. 

Here, Will talks about the company's approach to multichannel retail, the value of a physical presence, click and collect, using QR codes and more...


How Virgin uses big data to create engaging branded content

Bob Fear is Digital Content and Marketing Manager at Virgin, and he recently been involved in the relaunch of 

He has devised the core Virgin brand’s digital content and social strategy from scratch, and will be speaking about using data to create engaging branded content at our JUMP event on October 9. 

I've been asking Bob about the presentation, and Virgin's approach to content and social media... 


How Ford Retail is bringing digital into the boardroom

Celia Pronto is Group Marketing and Ecommerce Director at Ford Retail, and her expertise is in working with multichannel businesses experiencing vast transformation.

She will be speaking at our JUMP event on October 9, about Ford Retail's digital transformation, and the importance of customer experience. 

Here, Celia gives us a taste of the presentation, and some valuable insights into the company's strategy...


Q&A: musicMagpie's Eren Ozagir on the growth of 'recommerce'

Eren Ozagir is chief marketing and commercial officer at musicMagpie, a site which buys tech, fashion, entertainment items, and electronics. 

I've been asking Eren about the company and the growth of recommerce (as well as what it is)...


Q&A: Microsoft UK's Head of Digital on the complexity of running multiple sites

Mark Johnston is responsible for an array of Microsoft UK websites and blogs aimed at both businesses and consumers.

Below, he talks about the complexity of meeting the needs of numerous stakeholders and personas, and how his team has developed a framework of responsive web templates partly as a result of exponential mobile traffic. 


Ayssa Adnani of on a UX-focused redesign was redesigned recently, with a focus on providing an improved user experience, and tempting visitors to look at more than just recipes. 

It's a tricky balance to strike, and the aim was to continue the focus on recipes, while attempting to showcase the other content and areas of the site. 

I've been speaking to Jamie Oliver Head of Online Ayssa Adnani, and Pixelgroup, who were responsible for the redesign. 


Q&A: Ian Monk of on a PR-focused approach to SEO was launched by Ian Monk in 2004, and has just recently relaunched with a fully redesigned website. 

Part of the relaunch included a focus on social and a PR-centric SEO strategy. I've been asking Ian about the thinking behind this approach and the results so far... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Concept Cupboard

Concept Cupboard is a marketplace connecting businesses, from startups to big brands, with the very best student and graduate freelancers.

I caught up with General Manager Adam Ball to ask about the business and his future plans.

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Q&A: Matthew Wood on affiliate marketing challenges & opportunities

In May of 2013 Affiliate Management Days is coming to Europe. The inaugural conference in London is going to be opened by the already-legendary Matthew Wood.

By way of preview, I have sat down with Matthew to ask him a few questions about the current state and future of affiliate marketing.

Matthew has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing. He is the founder of a4u and a4uexpo, and an acknowledged thought leader and speaker within the sector.


Start Me Up! A profile of C.A.S.T.

C.A.S.T. is an advertising platform which allows publishers to easily create, sell, scale and manage native ad inventory.

I caught up with the team to discuss the platform and ask them about their plans for the future... 


Start Me Up! A profile of Grafetee

Launched last year, Grafetee is a mobile app which enables anyone to create a location-based service in minutes for web and mobile devices.

I asked founder Juha Huttunen about Grafetee and its plans for world domination...


Start Me Up! A profile of madvertise

Founded in Berlin, Madvertise is a mobile ad startup which has so far received more than $10m in VC funding. 

I've been asking CEO Christof Wittig about the company and its plans for future growth...