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To reach Gen Y, will financial services firms warm to the web?

According to a new report, members of Gen Y are less entrepreneurial and more risk averse than their older siblings, parents and grandparents. So it stands to reason that Gen Y, hard particularly hit by the turbulent economic environment of the past five years, probably isn't eager to invest.

But that may not be the case.


Venture capital sucks, until you're offered $100m

If you visit Silicon Valley or New York today, evidence of the latest internet boom is evident wherever you go. The venture capital is flowing and startups are partying like it's 1999.

Is a bust right around the corner? Only time will tell, but for more than a few startups, all of the investor money is a distraction best avoided.


Narratives over numbers? How about neither

When an entrepreneur gets an idea for a new business, one of the earliest questions that he or she asks is: how big could this be?

It's an important question. After all, how 'good' an idea is likely depends on how big the potential market for it is. That's especially true for entrepreneurs who intend to seek outside funding.

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