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Is Flash a fit for mobiles? We'll soon find out

In April, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained in detail why consumers aren't going to see Flash support on the iPhone and iPad. Long story short: Adobe Flash "is no longer necessary." Although Apple's lack of support for Flash is often cited as an iPhone/iPad drawback, Flash certainly isn't going to win a whole lot of popularity contests either. But the question remains: is there a place for Flash in the mobile market?

We may soon have an answer.


Gourmet stumbles upon a business model with the iPad

Conde Nast may have stumbled upon a new way to digitize its popular brands that can no longer sustain a full magazine publishing schedule. Media companies large and small rushed to get their magazine content on the device at launch, but Conde Nast is hoping to resuscitate the dearly departed Gourmet with a new iPad app that will not rely on sharing magazine content.

Ruth Reichl, the magazine's well-respectd former editor wrote on Twitter this morning:

"They're reviving the brand, not the magazine. Pity."

In fact, it could be just the opposite. But Conde Nast will have to get a lot of things right for the app to suceed.


EBay: iPad app review

Having been available in the US for a few months, eBay released an updated version of its iPad app for international sites recently. 

The online auction giant has already been very successful with its mobile strategy, with mobile sites and apps, so I've been trying the iPad app out.. 


AGENCIES: Please, please check your websites on an iPad

I may not be a full service number-one digital branding or content agency myself. If I ran one, though, I'd probably make sure my site looked ok on the iPad, which we should all know by now doesn't do Flash.

Here are 11 screenshots showing agency websites as seen on my iPad. These screenshots show the sites exactly as they appeared on my iPad (which was in landscape orientation). 


How do e-commerce websites work on the iPad?

Should etailers think about designing apps or special versions of their websites for the iPad, or will the existing websites do the job? 

Whether these sites need to adapt for the iPad or produce apps is debatable at the moment, since the number of users of the device is still small, but it may be something they will have to think about in future.

I've been trying out a few e-commerce sites on the iPad, and I've listed some of the usability issues that iPad users may face.


NYT to Apple: pull the plug on Pulse

An iPad news reader app designed by two college students has taken more than a few breaths away. Developed as part of a class at Stanford University’s Institute of Design, Pulse is everything you'd want out of an iPad news reader: it has both form and function.

The user experience is obviously a big reason why the app, which sells for $3.99, quickly became the top-selling iPad app in the App Store. And it's a big reason why Steve Jobs, who was reportedly disappointed with the New York Times' own iPad app, personally highlighted Pulse this week.

0 comments iPad app review

Italian retailer Yoox already has an impressive mobile commerce site, and is one of the first retailers to produce an iPad app. 

I've been trying out the new app to see how Yoox has adapted to the iPad... 


Apple iPhone & iPad stats round up

I've gathered together some of the latest stats on iPhone and iPad usage in one handy post. I've also added a selection of mobile stats from our most recent Internet Statistics Compendium...


Can third parties fix Android app payments?

By almost every reasonable measurement, Google's Android OS is giving Apple a reason to check the rear-view mirror. But for many developers, developing for Android is still somewhat unattractive because the common wisdom is that successful Android apps are likely to generate far less revenue than successful iPhone/iPad apps.

One of the possible reasons: paid Android apps are sold through Google Checkout, which Android critics argue offers a far less pleasant experience than the App Store purchasing experience offers iPhone and iPad owners.


Do publishers really need an iPad app?

The iPad has been talked about as a potential saviour by publishers eager to find new ways to monetise their content, and a number have already launched apps for the device. 

However, while iPhone apps are useful to make the content more accessible on a small screen, is this really necessary when standard websites already work well and look good on the iPad? 

I've listed some of the pros and cons of iPad apps for publishers. I'm sure there'll be more, so please let me know below... 


Dixons cocks up online execution of its exclusive iPad deal

This blog post is partly a public service to those wanting an iPad, and partly a walkthrough of how to screw up an exclusive deal by making a complete pig's ear of your website execution. 

First the public service: Here's how to find stores with iPads or ipad stock levels (note the careful use of anchor text to help Google understand the linked to pages are relevant to those words).


Rightmove & Primelocation: iPad app reviews

Two of the first apps released for the iPad since Friday's release are property search apps for and Rightmove. 

I've been comparing the two property search apps...