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The impact of Google moving to HTTPS for logged in users? Not a lot...

As you may have heard, Google is no longer passing on the keyword information for logged in users of 

This change has not been well received, particularly in the SEO industry. It will mean website owners have less information about where some of their organic search traffic comes from. 

But is this general air of doom and gloom warranted? How much data will actually be lost? We've been trying to estimate the impact of this change...


Report reveals Google's organic CTR

Just how important is being on the first page of a Google search result page? Just how valuable is owning the top spot?

Following recent updates Google has made to its algorithm, Optify, a marketing software vendor, decided to create a new CTR curve based on data it has collected on behalf of a subset of its B2B and B2C clients.


Five reasons your clients hate you

I meet a surprising number of prospective clients who confess to having thoroughly disliked their previous SEO agency.

Many of them have simply run into the charlatans our sector unfortunately attracts, but I have encountered quite a few companies which have had decent optimisation work done on their behalf.


Seven signs your SEO agency is living in the past

The whole world of digital marketing is maturing but it’s still hugely dynamic, particularly in the world of search marketing. 

This makes it an exciting time to be involved in the sector but does mean more and more agencies and practitioners are being left behind, clinging to what used to work and sticking with habits even if they aren’t doing anyone any favours. 

But how can you spot one of these search marketing laggards, who have fallen so far behind? 


Q&A: Center Parcs' digital click attribution strategy

Search Ignite and Golley Slater have today released a case study to show how they have used click attribution to increase online bookings for Center Parcs. 

Center Parcs has previously used the last click attribution model, but has been using cross-channel measurement and attribution in its digital campaigns for the last six months.

I've been speaking to Mark Fagan, Digital Media Director at Golley Slater, as well as Search Ignite's MD James Yancey and Managing Consultant Andy Betts about the case study...


Facebook Like: an online retail case study

Should publishers like Facebook's new Like button? I recently wrote about some of things publishers might not like about it.

One commenter who is a fan of the Like button took issue with them. He asked, "...allow me to ask you whether YOU have quantitatively measured the impact of the five risks that you are warning against?"


PPC health-check through long-tail analysis

We have all heard about the long-tail of search marketing. And odds are that even if you have not intentionally implemented such a strategy, you are to some extent utilising broad or phrase match keywords, thus capturing a long tail of varyingly relevant searches.

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are not often searched for individually, but in aggregate can create a sizeable opportunity. And with increased user sophistication and complexity of queries, the opportunity grows larger.


SEO lessons from World War Two

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has only existed for a few short years, but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn lessons from the past.

I’ve always admired the spirit of Britain during World War Two, even if most of my knowledge has been gleaned from TV-sitcoms. As a marketer, I’m particularly interested in the propaganda of the time.

Are any of the WW2 messages relevant today? I thought I’d take a look at the slogans of WW2 and see if they hold any wisdom for the modern online marketer...


Five things you need to do online in 2010

If sorting out the corporate website is your ambition for 2010, it can be pretty difficult to know where to start and what to prioritise. After all, you’re bound to have a budget to stick to. So where should you start?


Google: stop wasting your time on meta tags

Are you still using the keywords meta tag? Or are you stuffing your description meta tags in hopes that it will help your rankings?

If so, Google has a reminder for you: you're wasting your time.


Boost your quality score with these simple tips

There are many elements of an effective paid search campaign. While much of the discussion often centers on bidding, there is an equally important component: quality score.

Quality score was introduced by search engines looking to receive maximum yield from advertising. By understanding the search engines’ approach, search marketers can take steps to improve their ROI, independent of their bidding strategy.


Google wants to create your search ad for you

nick fox google

"What if you told us what you were trying to sell and we matched that to the queries of our users?" asked Nick Fox, business product management director for Google's AdWords team. What if search ads just...happened? You tell us what you're selling, we do the rest."

Keyword-free ads are just one example of the potential future of paid search advertising Fox presented at Search Engine Strategies today. Google is also looking at CPA ad models and "smarter formats."