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The future for Barnes & Noble may be the NOOK

Barnes & NobleWith the iPad, Apple is the dominant tablet manufacturer and with the Kindle Fire, Amazon has become the company to watch in the tablet space.

But don't write bookseller Barnes & Noble (B&N) off. Its NOOK business, which started with E Ink e-readers, now has two tablets in its stable, the NOOK Color and the NOOK Tablet.

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Amazon contemplates competing with Netflix

Netflix was once one of the highest-flying internet media companies around.

That all changed in 2012 when its CEO, Reed Hastings, decided that the days of requesting DVDs by mail were numbered.

The future of his business was streaming. To push consumers into the future, Hastings had to break 'DVDs by mail' and 'streaming' into two separate services, each requiring a different subscription.


B&N discounting, giving away NOOKs to sell content

In the battle for the future of the tablet market, Amazon - with the Kindle Fire, may be a top contender for the lead row. But another retailer, Barnes & Noble (B&N), isn't ceding anything to its etail rival.

Yesterday, it announced that customers who pony up $120 for a one-year subscription to the digital version of PEOPLE Magazine will receive a $50 discount on the NOOK Tablet, bringing its price down to that of the Kindle Fire ($199). Customers who purchase a $240 annual subscription to the New York Times (NYT) can have a NOOK Simple Touch for free, or a NOOK Color tablet for $99.


CES promises plenty of tablet action

The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES as it's widely referred to as, begins tomorrow.

While it may be losing its "clout", it's still one of the biggest venues for companies to launch their new products at - and CES 2012 will be no different.


Can Google take on the Kindle Fire and NOOK?

Amazon's Kindle Fire was one of the hottest consumer electronics products this holiday shopping season. It was so hot, in fact, that according to investment bank Morgan Keegan, Amazon's new tablet may have displaced as many as 2m iPad sales.

And the Kindle Fire has company. Barnes & Noble's NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet devices are selling well, prompting speculation that the bookseller may spin off its NOOK unit after missing its sales targets.

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Technologists don't get the Kindle Fire

If you've been reading the headlines about the Kindle Fire lately, you might be surprised to learn that Amazon has already moved millions of units of its tablet and is now the proud creator of the best-selling Android tablet.

Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen isn't a fan, and went so far as to say that he felt, "the Fire is going to be a failure."


The Kindle Fire is on fire

That Amazon would sell a fair share of Kindle Fires seemed inevitable based on the estimated volume of pre-orders the world's largest online retailer had received before its tablet device launched.

But hard numbers are starting to trickle in now that the Fire is actually shipping, and those numbers are impressive.

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Is the Kindle Fire already impacting iPad sales?

With the Kindle Fire, Amazon is getting into the tablet space in a big way and unlike other tablet manufacturers, which have found it difficult to compete head-on with the iPad, Amazon has developed a device that may very well allow it to compete with it in a more indirect way.

Apple isn't worried, but a new survey suggests that the Kindle Fire is having a direct impact on the iPad.


Amazon, Barnes & Noble open new fronts against the iPad

Not too long ago, one could track the e-reader and tablet markets separately and have a legitimate reason to do so. It was clear that the Kindle, for instance, was not the iPad, and the iPad was not the Kindle.

But as technology evolves and hardware prices continue to fall, the differences between e-readers and tablets is shrinking and it appears that both markets are, for all intents and purposes, converging rapidly.

That makes for an interesting battle between Apple and, well, everyone else.


Facebook more profitable than Amazon. Who cares?

Facebook's revenue growth over the past several years is almost as impressive as its user growth. And with money pouring in, thanks in large part to advertisers eager to reach consumers on the world's largest social network, its profits are growing. How much?

According to Michael Arrington, Facebook generated nearly $800m in operating income in the first six months of this year.

By comparison, Arrington's sources said the company produced $1bn in operating income in all of last year.


Apple isn't worried about the Kindle Fire, but should it be?

Apple may have disappointed Wall Street with its fourth quarter earnings, but make no mistake about it: most companies would kill for a quarter like it.

The company issued a strong guidance for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, and Apple's CEO Tim Cook is confident.

Case in point: when it comes to the nascent tablet market, Cook isn't at all worried about possible competition from new devices like Amazon's Kindle Fire.

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Publisher tablet revenue growing more meaningful

Investing millions to launch an iPad-only publication may prove to be one of the best ways of making a small fortune from a large fortune, but for traditional publishers that have been hawking their wares on the iPad, Kindle and NOOK, tablets are starting to have an impact.

That's according to two executives from Condé Nast and Hearst who took part in a panel at the American Magazine Conference.

Both indicated that their companies are close to achieving $10m in revenue from tablets.