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40+ useful posts on Facebook for marketers

With Facebook's new Timelines for brands due to go live today, I thought it would be a good time to round up some of our posts on Facebook marketing. 

Topics covered include f-commerce, timelines, the EdgeRank algorithm, customer service, as well as lots of useful Facebook stats... 


How to use QR codes effectively to connect online with offline

Online and offline are merging. We engage with prospects and customers in different ways during the lifecycle of their relationship with a brand:  in the search and prospect phase, at the point of purchase (or initial conversion) or during the after-sales and support cycle.

One way to easily get to grips with the different ways you can interact with audience is to break down the user journey

For the initial stages, the get in touch and get engaged phases, you need to have a strategy in place to get visitors back to your site to re-engage with them, especially if the initial contact was in an offline situation.

There are many ways of doing this but a good strategy is to become pragmatic and ensure you can run a campaign that takes hours to implement, instead of days.

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11 dubious uses of QR codes

There are some very good examples of QR code use, but many of them seem to be used without enough consideration of factors such as location and optimising landing pages.

Here are some dodgy uses of QR codes, some bizarre, some in ridiculous locations, others just plain stupid... 


Top 10 tips for improving your PPC landing pages

As Econsultancy highlighted earlier this month, Google has introduced the most significant changes to its PPC algorithm for some time.

We’re all aware of how important click-through rates are in determining your Quality Score but Google’s recent update now places greater emphasis on the importance of landing pages.

Alongside the undoubted effect such pages can have on improving conversion rate we’ve compiled Top Ten Tips for anyone looking to either build or choose the best possible landing pages for their campaigns.


Google's PPC algorithm changes: the experts' view

Last week, Google (as well as announcing SSL encryption for search) introduced perhaps the most significant changes to its PPC algorithm for some time. 

Google has changed the proportion of quality score weighting to make landing page relevancy more important, a moving away slightly from of click through rate (CTR) as the primary metric for an ad's success. 

I've been asking some PPC experts about how the changes will affect brands and advertisers... 


How can marketers use TV ads to drive people online?

In a multichannel environment, brands and marketers need to think carefully about how customers will respond to offline advertising. 

If people see a product or service they like, will they open up their laptops and type the URL used on the ad into a search engine? Will they search for the brand online instead? Or will they use the smartphone in their pocket? 

Retailers on Facebook and Twitter

Which UK retailers are thriving on Facebook and Twitter?

In terms of follower and fan numbers, Topshop's social media strategy appears to be working well. It has the most followers on Twitter and Facebook fans of any UK retailer. 

According to a new Social Media Benchmark study by eDigital Research (registration/survey required), retailers are continuing to grow their presence on social networks, though less than half are currently offering consumers the option of shopping from these accounts. 


Seven tips for a killer Facebook landing page

A great Facebook landing page should turn visitors into subscribers, engage people, and encourage them to explore your products and services further. 

So what makes a successful Facebook landing page? Here are a few tips taken from our How to Create Amazing Facebook Pages guide...


Ten tips to help your landing pages sell

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of your website. It doesn’t matter how great your SEO efforts, how marvellous your product and how enthusiastic your staff; if your landing page doesn’t cut it, your customers will leave without purchasing.

A bad page will see your visitor bounce straight back to the search engine they came from.However, a good page will attract and hold their attention, while persuasively encouraging them to do whatever it is the page exists for. So how do you achieve this?


Seasonal search: how to do it right

Seasons and events in the UK and the world over have developed an increasing importance for brands and marketers in appealing to consumers. One only has to look at the impact of occasions such as Valentine’s Day to see how lucrative an event can be for a brand.

Search offers brands a potentially engaging way to capitalise upon this, which may not be as hard as you think. The initial groundwork of a seasonal paid search campaign must be rooted firmly in the website in question.

Depending on the brand, there are two potential options to pursue...


Landing pages: ten top tips

 If you want to do online marketing well, you need to get the basics right, and few things are more important than writing effective landing pages.


Coremetrics tries to lure Omniture customers post-Adobe acquisition

Adobe's recent $1.8bn purchase of analytics provider Omniture had many people scratching their heads. While Adobe's CEO called the acquisition a "no-brainer" and it just might turn out to be a very wise strategic move, it's certainly possible that some Omniture customers will ask questions about the future of the company now that it's an Adobe company.

So I was interested to come across a Coremetrics ad addressing the Omniture acquisition. It leads to a landing page designed specifically for current Omniture customers and wastes no time in making a sales pitch.