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How Lidl used storytelling to alter the brand perception

One of the big news stories in UK retail last year was the massive growth of discount grocery stores Lidl and Aldi.

Lidl’s success can be at least in part attributed to its neat #LidlSurprises campaign, which managed to change its brand image by cleverly challenging the public’s perception of its products.

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Four reasons to admire the #LidlSurprises campaign

Earlier this month Lidl unveiled its new £20m brand campaign aimed at altering the public’s perception of its products.

It marks a step change in the company’s marketing strategy, as it had previously relied on door drops and leafleting to get across its price message.

Lidl will now focus on TV ads and social as a way of communicating with its customers.

The campaign comes as the grocery chain is plotting a £220m UK expansion that will help it to further capitalise on its already soaring sales figures, with revenue expected to reach £4bn in 2014 up from £2bn in 2010.

All the activity is centred around #LidlSurprises, with TV, print and in-store promotions all sporting the hashtag.

We’ve all been reasonably impressed with the campaign at Econsultancy (Ben Davis in particular), so I thought I’d elaborate on what makes it so impressive.