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What Twitter's new Like button means for marketers

Thanks to Facebook, the word 'like' has become an ubiquitous part of internet jargon.

Now, one of Facebook's biggest social rivals has decided to piggyback on the word it made famous.


Consumers respond to social media symbols on TV: report

It's well-established that the second screen phenomenon is real, and there's plenty of reason to believe that social media and television are a perfect match.

But just how well do social media-oriented calls to action on television actually work? According to consulting firm Accenture, they work pretty well.


Ich mag nicht: Germany outlaws "Like"

Germany has a long history of protecting its citizen’s right to online privacy. A quick glance through the statutes will reveal for example that Germans can ask Google to pixelate their homes on streetview (god forbid some random map-browser should identify your dirty net curtains).

While studies show that Germans are still big users of social media, Facebook faced a serious problem on Friday as the state of Schleswig-Holstein announced a blanket ban on the use of the "Like" button.


Are Facebook profiles costing you fans?

By now most people will have adopted Facebook’s new profile format. Unfortunately one of these recent changes showcases a pretty big flaw in Facebook’s connectivity, and unhappily for the social networking giant, it’s one that impacts businesses directly.

By now most users will be aware of which changes they will need to make (if any) to optimise the new profile, but there are now a few sections which are unfortunately beyond your control, chiefly the way your ‘Employer Information’ is displayed.


Does your Facebook campaign break the rules?

In the world of social media marketing there are some great examples of really innovative campaigns - and plenty of lazy copy-cats too. But in our clamour to measure, incentivise and prove that all-important ROI metric, are marketers putting their clients brands at risk by breaking Facebook (or other sites) terms and conditions?