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LINKLOVE! What we’ve been reading about this week

Here’s a collection of some of the more interesting e-commerce and marketing-related articles (and pictures) that we’ve been chomping on this week. 


Why PRs can be better link builders than SEOs

I talked in my last post here at Econsultancy about whether the PR industry had missed the boat on SEO. Although there were some differing opinions in the comments, I think the consensus was that the public relations firms could have done more to get into search engine optimisation.

Despite this reticence to get going I think there’s a scary truth that the search firms need to wake up to: If and when the PR industry gets its act together a lot of the link development tactics search companies are delivering could be delivered by someone with a public relations background.


Q&A: InfluenceFinder's John Straw on how SEO is changing

John Straw InfluenceFinderJohn Straw is CEO of InfluenceFinder, which has launched a tool which enables search marketers to analyse backlink data and build a list of influential websites which are providing valuable links. 

InfluenceFinder has been using Econsultancy as a test subject, and soft launched at SMX London recently. 

We've been speaking to John about InfluenceFinder, recent changes to Google's algorithm, and why he thinks that SEO needs to become more like PR... 


Is Google planning to kill SEO?

dead-linksOne of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is by link-building. All over the world experts spend hours rifling through analytics for likely linking targets, while writers take extra care to add in as many blue words as possible in the hope of a little linklove reciprocation.

It’s often a major aspect of the job for anyone who works online, and can be something of a labour of love.

Of course, there’s no solid, standard way of linking out. If only there was a dedicated expert body who could help out.

Someone like Google maybe?


LINKLOVE! Today's links roundup from Econsultancy

In today's links roundup, the Online Fashion 100, video SEO, how Facebook handles half a billion users, and words to avoid in email subject lines... 

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Twitter: your links will soon belong to us

As Twitter makes the transition from profitless startup to revenue-generating business, the massive number of links that are shared on its service on a daily basis represent valuable currency. Given this, Twitter naturally wants to exert more control of those links.

This summer, it will do just that when it finally rolls out its own link shortening service that wraps all links shared through and third party clients using the company's shortener.


LINKLOVE! Today's links roundup from Econsultancy

In today's links roundup, reaction to another Daily Mail scare story about Twitter, as well as posts on infographics, and SEO opportunities for retailers... 


SEO lessons from World War Two

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has only existed for a few short years, but that doesn’t mean we cannot learn lessons from the past.

I’ve always admired the spirit of Britain during World War Two, even if most of my knowledge has been gleaned from TV-sitcoms. As a marketer, I’m particularly interested in the propaganda of the time.

Are any of the WW2 messages relevant today? I thought I’d take a look at the slogans of WW2 and see if they hold any wisdom for the modern online marketer...


Free your blog comments from SEO and improve your SEO

This post is intended to be a whirlwind of the three main competing comment communities; Intense Debate, Disqus and the newly rebranded ECHO.

I know from experience people, still, always want to talk SEO when we start to talk comments so let’s tackle that head on...


The NLA explains why it is going after the news aggregators

The Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) licenses companies to copy from national and regional newspapers and collects fees on their behalf.

I've been talking to the NLA's commercial director Andrew Hughes about the fees newspapers are asking web monitoring services such as NewsNow to pay in order to index and link to their content...


Are relevant links overvalued by SEOs?

It's a fairly common SEO belief that acquiring links from authoritative websites relevant to yours is one of the best ways to achieve results. And it makes sense. After all, why wouldn't search engines want to consider the relevancy of a site to the sites it links to?

But what if the belief that site relevancy is an important SEO factor is wrong? According to SEO consultant Richard Baxter, that may just be the case.


What is the best way to display shopping basket links?

Shopping basket/cart links and icons need to catch the attention of shoppers, and should help them to find the link to review the contents and make a purchase.

There are a number of ways of displaying the basket link, from a simple text link to permanent basket icon showing the contents and total value. I've been looking at a few examples from a selection of UK etailers...