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10 checkout login pages from ecommerce sites

Your customer has added items to their basket, clicked to proceed to checkout, so what should they see on the next page? 

Well, since registration has been shown to be a barrier to conversion, they should see a page that takes an email address and eases them into the checkout proper. 

But are sites doing this? Here are a few examples from ecommerce sites...


Five simple tips for helping users remember logins

Online shoppers are a fickle bunch, ready to abandon a purchase and shop elsewhere the moment they are asked to fill in a form or pay for delivery.

So the general rule of thumb is to strip out any unnecessary barriers and make the checkout process as simple as possible.

Our new Ecommerce Best Practice Compendium is packed with tips on how to limit basket abandonment, including the use of a guest checkout.

In a recent Econsultancy survey 25% of respondents said they would abandon a purchase is they were forced to register before buying.


Don't mask users' passwords - Nielsen

While it may be a common security feature, masking passwords as users type them in may be causing login problems and lost business for websites, according to Jakob Nielsen.

Nielsen also argues that this isn't even necessary as a security feature, since users aren't normally overlooked when typing in passwords, while a determined snooper can simply watch your keystrokes anyway. I have my doubts though...