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Brand logos in a responsive design age

You will no doubt notice that we have a new site design. It’s a completely refreshed and fully responsive experience that should hopefully put the user first.

It’s also a work in progress.


17 tips for creating a great website tagline

Taglines may seem like a just a few words next to a logo, but they can really help define and differentiate your core brand message in seconds. A slogan can be the difference between grabbing a visitor's attention or losing them to your competitor.

You've got yourself a good domain, built a really neat site, designed a cool logo, completed your SEO checklist, and if you’re lucky got a good copywriter to crank out some some engaging content for you.

There’s just one more thing you might want to think about. A tagline.


Gap listened to its customers, or did it?

The social mediasphere can be a cruel place for brands when they make a mistake. American clothing retailer Gap learned that the hard way when it unveiled a new logo on earlier this week.

The new logo didn't go over too well and received a hefty dose of criticism on Twitter and in the blogosphere. So yesterday Gap threw in the towel and reverted back to its old logo.