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Where are luxury brands going wrong online?

The recent Harvey Nichois site redesign received some criticism for its perceived lack of a luxury feel, and its 'middle of the road' look. 

It seems that luxury brands and retailers are to be judged by slightly higher standards than more 'mass market' businesses, so how do they handle this? 

In a two part post, I'll look at what makes a site luxurious, and where some brands are going wrong...


How could Harvey Nichols have made its site more luxurious?

We posted a brief review of the new Harvey Nichols site this week, posing the question of whether it lived up to the brand's luxury image. 

As you'll see from reading the comments on that post, not everyone was convinced by the new site. 

So, I've been asking a few ecommerce professionals for their views on the site, and what Harvey Nichols could have done better...

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Mulberry's new responsive site shows luxury brands how to do UX

Recreating the luxury retail experience on an ecommerce site is a particularly difficult task and one that many high-end retailers have struggled with.

Effective web design is supposed to be about creating a simple, convenient user experience, but luxury brands apparently find it hard to resist the temptation to design convoluted sites that value glossy imagery over user experience.

In fact we've previously highlighted 17 luxury brands with poor web UX, as well as looking at why luxury brands need to focus on user experience and SEO.

Therefore when Mulberry recently launched a new site my expectation was that it would be another unusable but great-looking ecommerce store.