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Seven of our favourite social campaigns from August 2014

It's approaching the end of August so it's time to round up some of the more interesting social campaigns we've seen this month.

This time it includes Doctor Who, Nordstrom, Volkswagen, Comparethemarket, Dr Pepper and Acura.

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Why fashion label Marc Jacobs is so hot right now on Instagram

Fashion brand Marc Jacobs has managed to attract a massive following on Instagram, with 1.15m people in its community compared to 1.3m on Facebook.

Obviously some of its success will be down to its existing presence as an international fashion brand, but that's not the sole reason for its huge following.

So to find out more, I investigated Marc Jacobs' Instagram strategy to find out what makes it so popular.

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Vera Wang to Tom Ford: how US luxury brands fare with email welcomes

There are many considerations when harvesting the email address of your customer. How much information do you ask for? How hard do you push the sign-up? What do you include in a welcome email?

For luxury brands, the purchase decision is surely all about education and information. Giving those moneyed customers knowledge of new lines and must-haves will keep them returning, in fear they're missing out.

Most luxury brands sell 'lifetime' pieces, and so to hook the customer ahead of your competitors, every word of your comms should entice and exude the charm of a private members club.

Here's how some of the most searched for US luxury brands do email welcomes.

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