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If video is the future of the internet, here's what brands need to know

Few underestimate the power of online video. Its importance has been apparent since at least 2006, when Google acquired YouTube in a deal worth north of $1.5bn. 

But a lot has changed since then. So much, in fact, that it's worth asking if video is effectively the future of the internet. The answer: perhaps.


Seven helpful tips for livestreaming success

Brands like BMW, Southwest Airlines, Target and GE are increasingly experimenting with livestreaming, and some believe the medium will become an important part of the digital video marketing mix.

So what should brands looking to embrace livestreaming do to increase their chances of success?

Here are seven tips.


Eight exciting US digital marketing stats from the past week

Welcome to another dose of our regular US digital marketing stats round-up. Some say it is even more eagerly anticipated than the Presidential Election.  

This week we’re covering digital ROI, yet more ad blocking, The Oscars, Donald Trump, mobile, and more. 


What marketers need to know about Facebook's livestreaming push

With Facebook Live, the world's largest social network has entered the live-streaming space in a big way.

As with most new Facebook product launches, there are many considerations for brands and marketers.

Here's what they should know about Live.


11 pivotal social media trends for 2016

What’s more fun than looking back at social media trends from 2015?

Asking experts to do a spot of future-gazing and give us their predictions for social trends in 2016!


A-Z Of celebrity branding in 2015 (so far)

The use of celebrities in fashion marketing is as prevalent as ever, but how are winning brands able to achieve ROI on their celebrity investments? 

Talent engagement resource Celebrity Intelligence investigates this year's successful celebrity and fashion branding trends.


How brands can use Periscope and Meerkat

Whether you’re a Periscoper or a Meerkater we have the inspiration for you.

And if you rightfully point out that nobody who uses either live-streaming video app has ever referred to themselves as a Periscoper and Meerkater then you are truly the closest thing we have to an expert and you can probably just have a nice lie down as a reward.


Periscope and Meerkat: what do marketers need to know?

If you’ve clicked on a Twitter link in the last couple of months that has taken you to a tall rectangle of shaky footage and lots of shouting in a bar, chances are you’ve stumbled on to a friend’s Periscope or Meerkat feed.

Or perhaps you were tempted to watch the premiere of Game of Thrones Season five in a deeply unsatisfying and illegal manner.

Or maybe you saw some distressing footage live-streamed from a citizen journalist who was first on the scene of a natural disaster, a street-level skirmish or a Neil Diamond concert.


Twitter CEO declares Periscope the winner of Mayweather-Pacquiao

The richest boxing match in history is over but according to Dick Costolo, Twitter's CEO, neither of the men who stepped into the ring this past Saturday claimed victory.


Madonna's Meerkat fail shows the risks of early adoption

Meerkat and Periscope may be the social platforms with the most buzz, but one of the world's most prominent entertainers learned the hard way that early adoption of the latest and greatest isn't without risk.


Will Twitter kill the Meerkat buzz with Periscope?

Thanks to Meerkat's rapid rise, live mobile video streaming could be the next big thing in social media.

But will Meerkat be able to fend off the competition?

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Eight ways brands can add Meerkat into their marketing mix

Meerkat has an opportunity to change social media forever and make a big impact on digital marketing.

Here are just a few creative ways brands can add Meerkat into their marketing mix.