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Instagram's first ad with Michael Kors: did it work?

Instagram rolled out its very first sponsored post on 1 November 2013.

Following Pinterest’s lead in trialling promoted pins earlier this year, Instagram has given fashion designer Michael Kors the opportunity to run the first advert on the photo sharing site. 

This could be a mixed blessing.

Nitrogram has worked out a few metrics to uncover how successful this inaugural run was.

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Vera Wang to Tom Ford: how US luxury brands fare with email welcomes

There are many considerations when harvesting the email address of your customer. How much information do you ask for? How hard do you push the sign-up? What do you include in a welcome email?

For luxury brands, the purchase decision is surely all about education and information. Giving those moneyed customers knowledge of new lines and must-haves will keep them returning, in fear they're missing out.

Most luxury brands sell 'lifetime' pieces, and so to hook the customer ahead of your competitors, every word of your comms should entice and exude the charm of a private members club.

Here's how some of the most searched for US luxury brands do email welcomes.

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