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46% of consumer goods marketers use mobile ads for brand awareness

Consumer goods advertisers primarily use mobile advertising for brand awareness rather than driving site traffic or increased footfall in-store, according to new research from Millennial Media.

Almost half (46%) of consumer goods advertisers stated that their main campaign goal was brand awareness compared to an overall average of 14% among all industries.

Site traffic (29%) and ‘sustained in-market presence’ (11%) were the second and third most-common campaign goals for consumer goods companies, while just 5% aimed to increase foot traffic.

Much of what we do on mobile devices is location-based and a recent study found that 43% of Google searches have local intent, so it’s interesting to note that relatively few mobile advertising dollars are spent with the aim of luring customers in-store.


Tablets now 20% of mobile ad impressions: report

The future may be mobile, but capitalizing on the mobile opportunity hasn't exactly been easy for many publishers and advertisers.

As companies like Facebook and Twitter are learning the hard way, delivering effective ads to consumers through mobile devices can be tough.

Despite the fact that mobile devices are always on and always connected, they have natural limitations which restrict where and how many ads can be served.


Millennial Media files for IPO

The window for going public is open for today's most attractive technology and digital media companies, even if Wall Street has been relatively cool to new tech issues.

Yesterday, mobile ad network operator Millennial Media announced that it is joining the IPO fray, filing its S-1 in the U.S. to go public.


Apple lures exec from Adobe to head iAd

When Steve Jobs unveiled iAd to the world, he promised an offering that would revolutionise mobile advertising.

But delivering on that promise has proven difficult for the technology company that has revolutionised so much in the past decade.

In fact, the offering's future looks quite uncertain. So what's Apple to do? Turn to one of your most-despised enemies, apparently.


As Apple struggles with iPhone 4, Android picks up speed

It may look like the iPhone is winning the smartphone wars, but according to a new study from Millennial Media, Google's Android platform is nipping at Apple's heels.

Most interestingly, these new numbers document the month following the launch of the iPhone 4. And it looks like Android's popularity has only increased in that time.