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What do users want from iPhone apps?

Broadly speaking, customers want apps with a purpose, and that reflect the values of the brand, according to a new benchmark study of iPhone apps. 

The eDigital App Benchmark study looks at 46 iPhone apps, using 'mystery shopper' surveys. These include mobile commerce apps, travel apps, news and media and directory and guide apps. 

The study provides some useful information about the kind of features users are looking for from apps... 


UK retailers aren't ready for mobile commerce: survey

Though the majority of retailers are convinced that mobile commerce will eventually become as popular as e-commerce, just 16% have a strategy in place, and 28% have no plans to implement one. 

The findings are based on a Vanson Bourne survey of 100 marketing and IT directors at UK retailers, and 1,000 consumers. 

Here's a few highlights from the study...


10m UK consumers use mobile commerce

23% of UK online consumers conducted some kind of mobile transaction last year, but unfortunately, 83% experienced a problem. 

The findings come from a survey commissioned by Tealeaf, which suggests that retailers need to work harder to match customer expectations of mobile commerce. 


New Look launches mobile commerce site

New Look is the latest UK retailer to get into the mobile commerce market, with the launch of a site last week. 

The site was designed by Mobile Interactive Group, and has been optimised for smartphone users. I've been reviewing the new site... 



Mobile commerce through the affiliate channel

2011 is anticipated to be the year of mobile commerce and a strong performance over the Christmas period intimated that mobile commerce was really taking off.

This post firstly examines the rise in affiliate sales that have been seen through mobile devices across the Affiliate Window platform. It then investigates the impact that has been seen across two advertisers on the network that have fully optimised mobile sites and uncovers some interesting findings.


How mobile commerce is reinventing the shopping experience

Mobile commerce is erasing the line between online and in-person shopping. I've been looking at the growth of this market and ways retailers are building their m-commerce future.

Retailers are seeing mobile shopping skyrocket. Mobile commerce sales in the US in 2008 were $400m. That number quadrupled to $1.20bn in 2009, and then doubled to $3.4bn in 2010. 

Growth for 2011 promises to be nothing but explosive...


Debenhams reaches £1m in sales through its iPhone app

Statistics from Debenhams provide further evidence of the value of mobile commerce to retailers, with its iPhone app bringing in £1m in sales in five months. 

Following the early success of the iPhone app, Debenhams is now releasing apps for Android and Nokia devices. 


Mobile commerce: 25 essential tips

Mobile commerce is continuing to grow, and there are now plenty of compelling reasons why retailers should sell via mobile

There are more barriers than in traditional e-commerce, such as smaller screens, variable connections speeds, so if retailers are going to make mobile commerce work, then user experience is all important. 

With this in mind I've compiled 25 tips to help maximise conversions from mobile commerce... 


FIGHT CLUB! Dominos vs Pizza Hut on mobile

Mobile has the potential to be a valuable sales and marketing channel for fast food restaurants and takeaways, allowing customers to place orders at their convenience, wherever they might be. 

Over the weekend, I attempted to place an order with Pizza Hut from my mobile but ended up using Dominos instead. Here's why... 

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Schuh: iPhone app review

Shoe retailer Schuh has just released an iPhone app which allows customers to shop from their mobiles, as well as finding their local store. 

At first glance, the app looks promising, so how does it perform, and can users easily make a purchase from the app? 



HMV: iPhone app review

Entertainment retailer HMV recently launched an iPhone app, which allows users to browse and buy from its full product range. 

The new app has been developed by MoPowered, which is also behind the Next and Waterstone's apps. I've been trying the new app out...



Mobile marketing: evolution not revolution

Everybody, especially commentators and journalists, loves to talk about defining moments. That is the reason there has been so many column inches dedicated to predicting, or dismissing “the year of the mobile”.

Everyone can see the potential for mobile devices to change the way we consume and engage digitally and they are all hoping for, and expecting, a single event that marks the beginning of mass mobile adoption from a marketing stand point.  

The reality however, is this event is never going to occur. The year of the mobile will probably never happen as there is no single event which is going to change the way we use and consume information and advertising on mobile devices. 

What will happen is a natural evolution of mobile devices, platforms, and user attitudes that will evolve mobile internet into a channel with mass usage allowing for marketers to engage with customers more.