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The Apple Watch: bringing marketers closer to customers than ever before?

Picture this: your husband is traveling, and in a moment of feeling particularly distant, you each tap into the newest technology at your fingertips: the Apple Watch.

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More reasons why marketers must move to a mobile-first ad strategy

Mobile is driving major changes in how consumers research and buy across a wide range of industries.  

So for online marketers it is no longer enough to rely on responsive site design and a mobile app. You need to think mobile-first.


The rise of mobile in affiliate marketing

With 51% of mobile users in the UK having already interacted with m-commerce, there is significant opportunity for advertisers who embrace the channel.

Previously, I investigated the development of mobile commerce through the affiliate channel, analysing the data for the first quarter of 2011.

As we enter the third quarter, it provides an opportunity to study the growth trends demonstrated throughout the second quarter.