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Four stats to help benchmark your email marketing strategy

How advanced are your email marketing activities?

It can be difficult to know how far ahead or behind your organisation is from the industry standard, as it is often extremely difficult to completely figure out the inner workings of other companies.

And even if that is possible, who has time to do all that?

However, thanks to the 2015 Email Marketing Industry Census, produced in association with Adestra, an insight into the amount and type of email marketing carried out by organisations is now available.

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How easy is it to unsubscribe from emails on a mobile?

Depending on the stats you choose, mobiles now account for somewhere between 40% and 70% of opens. 

Whichever is the 'correct' figure, it's clear that mobile is important enough for marketers to be optimising for these users

One area to optimise is the unsubscribe process, so are brands doing this well? Let's see... 

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Marketing trends in the age of continuous partial attention

The growing prominence of mobile and online shopping has challenged marketers to refine and tailor how they target the 'always on' consumer.

Retail hours are a thing of the past and the individual lifestyles of consumers are becoming relevant to targeted campaigns.

The optimisation of brand websites and email marketing content for mobile devices is becoming ever more sophisticated as a result, and is increasingly tailored to smooth the customer experience.

This new 24-hour retail market means marketers have to engage customers across a range of devices at all stages of the purchasing journey.

Customers can decide to make a purchase at any time of the day or night, and marketers must be ready to help guide these decisions.

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How to create engaging email content to drive conversion

The days of guaranteed inbox placement are over, therefore it’s time to concentrate on the second layer of email marketing: data.

It is now more important than ever to understand the asset which is your data and the ability of data to provide inbox placement for your emails.  

So how can you utilise data to produce emails which recipients want to read, as well as email that delivers revenue?

I believe that the answer to this query is engagement.


Writing mobile email subject lines: four key considerations

Based on the marketing emails that I receive on a daily basis I am going to leap to the assumption that not many brands are optimising their messages for mobile.

I’m still expected to do an awful lot of pinching and zooming if I want to browse the new offers from Reiss or ASOS, for example.

Data from Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Census 2014 shows that just under half (47%) of businesses are optimising emails for mobile devices, while a third (34%) have it in the works and 19% have no plans in this area.

But even if optimising email content is still a pipe dream for many marketers, brands can at least begin writing subject lines with mobile users in mind.


10 interesting UK digital marketing stats we've seen this week

What do we want? Digital marketing stats! When do we want them? Now!

Well here you are then, a selection of some of the most interesting digital marketing and ecommerce stats we've seen this week.

The topics include digital agency revenues, Twitter customer service, mobile email, Motorola's marketshare and the challenges facing CMOs.

For more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.

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22% of UK businesses have 'non-existent' mobile email strategy: report

More than half of UK businesses describe their mobile email strategy as ‘basic’ (39%) or ‘non-existent’ (22%), according to a new report from Econsultancy and Adestra.

This is despite the fact that the consumer shift to mobile means that many businesses find that upwards of 50% of their email marketing messages are opened on a smartphone.

The survey also found that just 5% of businesses have a ‘very advanced’ mobile email strategy while 12% classify their current efforts as ‘quite advanced’.

The eighth annual Email Marketing Industry Census is based on a survey of more than 1,100 respondents.

It looks at the amount and type of email marketing carried out by organisations, the way that email marketing is conducted, issues affecting the industry and the effectiveness of email compared to other digital marketing channels.

responsive email

15 excellent responsive email templates for small businesses

The consumer shift towards mobile devices means that businesses should have a strategy in place to optimise their email marketing for smaller screens.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to find that up to 50% of their email messages are opened on mobile devices, however a recent Econsultancy report found that a large number of companies do not have a mobile email strategy in place, with 32% reporting this as ‘non-existent’ and 39% saying their strategy was ‘basic’.

One option for dealing with mobile email is responsive design, which uses one set of code that renders an email differently when viewed on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

This means that the user experience is optimised regardless of where the recipient decides to open the email.


Fashion retailers are still failing to optimise email marketing for mobile

A few months I signed up to newsletters from a number of different fashion retailers in order to evaluate their welcome emails.

This means I now have an inbox full of marketing messages, which feature a surprisingly high proportion of deals and special offers.

What’s even more surprising is the lack of mobile optimisation among these brands.

The full list includes some of the world’s top online retailers, such as Macy’s, H&M, ASOS, Boohoo, Rue La La, House of Fraser, Schuh, Nordstrom, Mr Porter, American Apparel, Reiss and Office.

Yet of all of these, only four brands had any success in rendering emails properly on my Android phone.

mobile strategy

Mobile strategy for small businesses in three easy steps

At a time when plenty of major corporations are still struggling to come up with an effective mobile strategy it’s no surprise that small businesses may find the mobile space a bit daunting.

Where does a small business begin when embarking on a mobile strategy? Do they opt for an app or a mobile site? And how much does it all cost?

At Brighton SEO last week Distilled’s Bridget Randolph tried to answer all these questions and give small businesses a helping hand with their mobile strategies.

welcome email

How welcome emails vary among 16 fashion retailers, and who didn't send one

Yesterday I wrote a blog looking at the different ways in which fashion retailers handled the process of capturing customer data when they signup to email alerts.

It turns out that the procedure varies quite drastically between sites, with some businesses requiring just your email while others need to know a great deal of personal information.

A day later and the welcome emails have arrived, however not all of the brands could be bothered to roll out the red carpet.

Though I signed up to 16 email newsletters only 11 welcome emails arrived, with ASOS, Schuh, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo and Office failing to get in touch.


10 interesting digital marketing stats we've seen this week

This week's stats round-up has a mobile slant, but also covers search, email and our top 100 digital agencies report. 

For more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.

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