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The questions we asked are as follows – you can read them all or jump straight to a question by clicking on it in the list below.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69385-ask-the-experts-mobile-seo-trends-challenges-strategy/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69207 2017-07-07T11:00:00+01:00 2017-07-07T11:00:00+01:00 How six travel & hospitality brands use personalisation to enhance the customer experience Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>Personalised marketing means more than just addressing the customer by name. </strong></p> <p>For brands in the travel and hospitality industry, effective personalisation can range from interactive content to targeted banners and customised travel itineraries.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69207-how-six-travel-hospitality-brands-use-personalisation-to-enhance-the-customer-experience/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69192 2017-06-28T02:00:00+01:00 2017-06-28T02:00:00+01:00 Email marketing must be mobile, automated & personalised to deliver ROI Jeff Rajeck <p><strong>According to a recent Econsultancy report, marketers feel that email marketing delivers better ROI than any other digital channel.</strong></p> <p>The annual <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/email-census">Email Marketing Industry Census</a> in association with Adestra, offers insights into what marketers are doing globally through a survey of 1,200 marketers. At a recent Econsultancy event in Singapore hosted by NTUC, we reviewd these key insights.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69192-email-marketing-must-be-mobile-automated-personalised-to-deliver-roi/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69193 2017-06-22T16:02:26+01:00 2017-06-22T16:02:26+01:00 Using data to improve your mobile conversion: A simple but effective approach Steve Borges <p><strong>Delivering a step-change in mobile revenue isn’t easy, but a clear understanding of your user journey gives you a head start.</strong></p> <p>The key? Break the journey down into meaningful micro-conversions, then benchmark these to prioritise and unlock the biggest opportunities.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69193-using-data-to-improve-your-mobile-conversion-a-simple-but-effective-approach/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/69160 2017-06-13T13:51:55+01:00 2017-06-13T13:51:55+01:00 Mobile conversion rates: How does your site compare? Steve Borges <p><strong>With conversion on mobile much lower then desktop, improving it is a priority for retailers.</strong></p> <p>How does your mobile conversion measure up?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/69160-mobile-conversion-rates-how-does-your-site-compare/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68764 2017-02-02T11:21:39+00:00 2017-02-02T11:21:39+00:00 10 thought-provoking quotes about mobile experiences Ben Davis <p><strong>There's nothing like a roundup of some incisive quotes about emerging technology to pep up your presentation or indeed your afternoon.</strong></p> <p>These quotes about mobile are taken from the innovation charity Nesta and <a href="http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/making-digital-work-mobile">its excellent collection of essays on the subject</a>, part of the Digital R&amp;D Fund's effort to help arts and culture organisations make the most out their data.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68764-10-thought-provoking-quotes-about-mobile-experiences/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68673 2017-01-05T11:44:47+00:00 2017-01-05T11:44:47+00:00 Five apps & websites that ditched the hamburger menu Ben Davis <p><strong>The hamburger menu has always been contentious, with many believing its rather smug parallel lines are too abstract, not understood by all users.</strong></p> <p>Even as the icon proliferated, as more and more company websites went responsive, it has seldom been viewed as a standard.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68673-five-apps-websites-that-ditched-the-hamburger-menu/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68641 2016-12-20T14:00:00+00:00 2016-12-20T14:00:00+00:00 Mobile marketing in 2017: Five expert predictions Nikki Gilliland <p><strong>What will 2017 mean for the world of mobile marketing?</strong></p> <p>Our experts have already outlined what they think are some of the <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68631-what-were-the-biggest-mobile-marketing-trends-of-2016/">biggest mobile trends of the past year</a>, so now it’s time to look ahead to the next twelve months.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68641-mobile-marketing-in-2017-five-expert-predictions/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/68074 2016-07-21T10:57:05+01:00 2016-07-21T10:57:05+01:00 Is content really the solution to lacklustre conversion rates? Steve Borges <p dir="ltr"><strong>Dramatic shifts in ecommerce over the last three years have created many challenges for retailers – with perhaps the most alarming a relentless downward pressure on conversion rates.</strong></p> <p style="font-weight: normal;" dir="ltr">It is not news to point out that the response has been a rush to ‘content’, the received wisdom being that strong content directly contributes to improved conversion - but should we take this much-vaunted link at face value?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/68074-is-content-really-the-solution-to-lacklustre-conversion-rates/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67936 2016-06-10T11:07:37+01:00 2016-06-10T11:07:37+01:00 25 quotes from the Future of Digital Marketing 2016 Ben Davis <p><strong>I don't have a time machine, '<a href="https://econsultancy.com/events/future-of-digital-marketing-london/">The Future of Digital Marketing</a>' happens to be the name of one of Econsultancy's conferences.</strong></p> <p>I went along and took some notes. Here are some quotes from the day, on AI, bots, VR, mobile, video and what it means to be human.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67936-25-quotes-from-the-future-of-digital-marketing-2016/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67930 2016-06-08T13:44:09+01:00 2016-06-08T13:44:09+01:00 12 outstanding mobile customer experiences Ben Davis <p><strong>I was privileged to hear Avinash Kaushik speak at Syzygy's excellent <a href="http://www.syzygy.net/didconference/">Digital Innovation Day</a> last week.</strong></p> <p>Avinash discussed some of his favourite mobile experiences.</p> <p>Here are 12 of them.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67930-12-outstanding-mobile-customer-experiences/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67873 2016-05-24T14:19:00+01:00 2016-05-24T14:19:00+01:00 12 examples of persuasive mobile UX from ecommerce app Wish Ben Davis <p><strong><a href="https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wish-shopping-made-fun/id530621395?mt=8">Wish</a> is a well-funded mobile commerce platform in Europe and North America.</strong></p> <p>As it is aimed at the deal-mad shopper, it makes a great case study for persuasion in mobile ecommerce.</p> <p>Let's take a look at some elements of the user experience (which isn't one for the faint-hearted).</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67873-12-examples-of-persuasive-mobile-ux-from-ecommerce-app-wish/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67854 2016-05-18T10:40:00+01:00 2016-05-18T10:40:00+01:00 Atom Bank: No branches, no legacy tech, fewer channels Ben Davis <p><strong>Atom Bank is the UK's first bank designed for digital and optimised for mobile.</strong></p> <p>Lisa Wood, CMO, is speaking at Econsultancy's excellent <a href="https://econsultancy.com/events/future-of-digital-marketing-london/">Future of Digital Marketing conference</a> next month.</p> <p>We caught up with her for a preview, picking her brain on the merits of a branchless and legacy-free, online bank.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67854-atom-bank-no-branches-no-legacy-tech-fewer-channels/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67793 2016-04-29T10:05:11+01:00 2016-04-29T10:05:11+01:00 15 startling digital marketing statistics from this week Ben Davis <p><strong>It's a bumper stats roundup this week.</strong></p> <p>If you're interested in social commerce, digital transformation, PPC, ecommerce conversion rates, print ad spend, travel UX, telco UX, programmatic, payments, insurance UX, Euro 2016 and fashion ecommerce... *pause for breath* then you're in luck.</p> <p>As ever, this post is simply the entrée - head to our <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">Internet Statistics Compendium</a> for a proper meal.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67793-15-startling-digital-marketing-statistics-from-this-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67783 2016-04-26T10:05:32+01:00 2016-04-26T10:05:32+01:00 Five key findings for marketers from Ofcom's media report Ben Davis <p><strong>How do UK adults consume media? On what devices? And in what frequency?</strong></p> <p>The Ofcom <a href="http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/market-data-research/other/research-publications/adults/media-lit-2016/">Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report</a>, published last week, is always an interesting read, showing how habits have changed over the years.</p> <p>I've picked my highlights for marketers from the survey of 1,841 adults.</p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67783-five-key-findings-for-marketers-from-ofcom-s-media-report/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67726 2016-04-12T14:43:45+01:00 2016-04-12T14:43:45+01:00 SEO is more than just organic traffic: Are you taking all the credit you deserve? Ian Harris <p><strong>Search marketing evolves on a daily basis.</strong></p> <p>The constant introduction of new and innovative processes means that strategies can shift frequently as SEOs and marketers try to work out the best way to deal with new online environments.</p> <p>From Google updates to advances in technology, the methods we use to measure the success of an SEO campaign, however, may not always be giving us the full picture.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67726-seo-is-more-than-just-organic-traffic-are-you-taking-all-the-credit-you-deserve/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67730 2016-04-12T09:52:00+01:00 2016-04-12T09:52:00+01:00 Fintech startup Mondo provides slick, impressive UX: Review Martin Jordan <p><strong>Mondo has been billed as "a bank that’s as smart as your phone. Built for your smartphone, this is banking like never before."</strong></p> <p>The "easy-to-use' app apparently updates your balance instantly, gives intelligent notifications and aspires to be the best bank on the planet.</p> <p>Well, how could I resist?</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67730-fintech-startup-mondo-provides-slick-impressive-ux-review/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67728 2016-04-08T12:33:00+01:00 2016-04-08T12:33:00+01:00 Top 10 digital marketing stats of the week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Here’s a stat for you: 100% of Jack Simpsons say this is a very sad day indeed, according to a new survey by Jack Simpson. </strong></p> <p>Why? Well, loyal stat devourers, I am sorry to announce that this is last time I will fill your lives with life-changing facts and figures from the marketing world. </p> <p>Yes, this is my last day as the official weekly Econsultancy <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up guy. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67728-top-10-digital-marketing-stats-of-the-week-4/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67677 2016-03-24T11:33:37+00:00 2016-03-24T11:33:37+00:00 Top 10 digital marketing stats of the week Jack Simpson <p><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">Stats</a> on a Thursday? Have you lost it, Simpson? Do you need a lie down and a hot Lemsip? Should we contact your next of kin and tell them to prepare for the worst?</strong></p> <p>No, you silly rabbits. It’s Easter weekend. Which means, in the words of the ever-culturally relevant Rebecca Black: </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67677-top-10-digital-marketing-stats-of-the-week-3/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67673 2016-03-23T14:15:41+00:00 2016-03-23T14:15:41+00:00 Eight intriguing US digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Welcome to another edition of our US <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up – arguably the most hotly anticipated thing on the internet. </strong></p> <p>This week we’re covering digital adspend, generation Z, jazz fans, and people using their phones on the toilet. Yes, you read that right.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67673-eight-intriguing-us-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week-3/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67651 2016-03-17T13:04:00+00:00 2016-03-17T13:04:00+00:00 LGBT emojis are dividing emotions internationally Chloe McKenna <p><strong>They say the language of love is universal, and nothing showcases this better from a technological perspective than a good romantic emoji.</strong></p> <p>Transcending dialects, regions, devices and platforms these little icons of emotion have been embraced the world over.</p> <p>More recently, the digital images have also come to represent a more inclusive view of love, with emojis now featuring same-sex couples and families alongside the existing love-related icons.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67651-lgbt-emojis-are-dividing-emotions-internationally/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67624 2016-03-08T14:35:00+00:00 2016-03-08T14:35:00+00:00 Eight exciting US digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Welcome to another dose of our regular US <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up. Some say it is even more eagerly anticipated than the Presidential Election. </strong> </p> <p>This week we’re covering digital ROI, yet more ad blocking, The Oscars, Donald Trump, mobile, and more. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67624-eight-exciting-us-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67608 2016-03-04T10:57:41+00:00 2016-03-04T10:57:41+00:00 12 intriguing digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, when we celebrate and show our appreciation for the women who brought us kicking and screaming into this world. </strong></p> <p>I’m in a sharing mood, so I’m going to open up to you and tell you the single most powerful piece of advice my mother ever gave me. I remember it word for word. </p> <p>She said: “Son, whatever you do in life, wherever you go, don’t ever let anyone stop you reading the weekly Econsultancy <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up.”</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67608-12-intriguing-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67582 2016-02-26T10:56:00+00:00 2016-02-26T10:56:00+00:00 Our 10 favourite digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Aristotle Onassis once said, ‘It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the weekly Econsultancy <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up.’</strong> </p> <p>So turn up that screen brightness, put your glasses back on and let’s do this thing. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67582-our-10-favourite-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67557 2016-02-25T10:38:40+00:00 2016-02-25T10:38:40+00:00 Three is right to declare war on ‘irrelevant and excessive mobile ads’ Jack Simpson <p><strong>Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the publishing industry, somebody goes and hammers another nail in its coffin. </strong></p> <p>Well, it’s not quite as dramatic as that. But recent news from mobile network provider Three certainly got the ad industry talking over the weekend. </p> <p>The network has announced that it will roll out <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67019-12-alarming-ad-blocking-stats-that-reveal-the-size-of-the-problem">ad blocking</a> technology on its network after initially trialling it in Italy. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67557-three-is-right-to-declare-war-on-irrelevant-and-excessive-mobile-ads/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67572 2016-02-24T14:26:00+00:00 2016-02-24T14:26:00+00:00 Eight interesting US digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>It’s that time again. I’ve been reading through some of the best US-focused <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> from the last week or so and I’ve summarized some of the most interesting ones below.</strong></p> <p>This week we’re covering the top frustrations of mobile shoppers, native ads, email, The Oscars and much more.  </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67572-eight-interesting-us-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67567 2016-02-24T11:01:57+00:00 2016-02-24T11:01:57+00:00 Four things you need to know about Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Ben Davis <p><strong>Google Accelerated Mobile Pages entered the world on February 23rd, a day earlier than expected.</strong></p> <p>If you have been a little dozy for the past few months, here's a quick skill pill to bring you up to date.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67567-four-things-you-need-to-know-about-google-accelerated-mobile-pages-amp/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67545 2016-02-24T02:09:00+00:00 2016-02-24T02:09:00+00:00 10 practical uses for QR codes in China Ben Davis <p><strong>For years in the Econsultancy London offices there was a QR code stuck to the microwave that took the unsuspecting scanner to a video of George Dawes' song, '<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMPJZ4YZnqI">Peanuts</a>'.</strong></p> <p>The joke was that this QR code was a bit of an easter egg for anyone crazy enough to both have a QR reader app and be willing to scan in public ("Wow, you're a scanner, man. Far out.")</p> <p>In China, QR codes are less of a joke. Much less.</p> <p>Here are 10 ways they are used.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67545-10-practical-uses-for-qr-codes-in-china/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67494 2016-02-11T09:56:00+00:00 2016-02-11T09:56:00+00:00 Five ways The New York Times is innovating its publishing model Ben Davis <p><strong>At the beginning of 2016 things are much rosier at The New York Times than they were two years ago.</strong></p> <p>Though print is still suffering, there seems to be a greater degree of parity between the incumbent's digital know-how and that of new online-only upstarts.</p> <p>The paywall is bearing fruit, social media platforms court its content and Google is trying to shine a light on longer form journalism.</p> <p>The paper has shown itself again to be a restless experimenter across digital platforms and with new digital technology.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67494-five-ways-the-new-york-times-is-innovating-its-publishing-model/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67456 2016-02-02T01:01:00+00:00 2016-02-02T01:01:00+00:00 The best APAC digital marketing stats from January 2016 Ben Davis <p><strong>India, Australia and China feature prominently in January 2016's APAC stats roundup.</strong></p> <p>Mobile payment, online retail growth, martech, ad spend and Netflix are all in the mix.</p> <p>For more statistical fun, subscribers can download the <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium</a>.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67456-the-best-apac-digital-marketing-stats-from-january-2016/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67459 2016-01-29T11:37:18+00:00 2016-01-29T11:37:18+00:00 13 delightful digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week Jack Simpson <p><strong>American author H Jackson Brown Jnr once said, ‘The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best to read the weekly Econsultancy digital marketing stats round-up.’</strong></p> <p>That is a fact, which means it’s true. </p> <p>But let’s not start Googling what Jackson Brown Jnr really said and accusing me of making things up. Just relax and take a look at this fine set of <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a>.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67459-13-delightful-digital-marketing-stats-we-ve-seen-this-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67452 2016-01-27T14:53:24+00:00 2016-01-27T14:53:24+00:00 Nine exciting US digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Welcome to another instalment of our fortnightly round-up of the best US </strong><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a></strong><strong> we’ve seen. </strong></p> <p>This time we’re covering everything from CX to holiday shopping and the increasing number of B2B sales that happen online.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67452-nine-exciting-us-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67436 2016-01-22T14:24:53+00:00 2016-01-22T14:24:53+00:00 Top 10 digital marketing stats of the week Jack Simpson <p><strong>In the undeniably factual words of YouTube star and all-round deep thinker Rebecca Black: ‘Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.’</strong></p> <p>Yes, it’s that time again. The coveted Econsultancy <strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a></strong> round-up is here and waiting to blow your mind like a Starman in the sky. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67436-top-10-digital-marketing-stats-of-the-week-2/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67415 2016-01-18T14:00:00+00:00 2016-01-18T14:00:00+00:00 Start Me Up! Machine, a platform that simplifies mobile programmatic buying Ben Davis <p><strong>We haven't profiled a startup in a while on the Econsultancy blog, but Machine looks so current, we thought we'd get an overview.</strong></p> <p>Ashley Friedlein identified 'marchitecture' as <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67397-ashley-friedlein-s-10-digital-marketing-ecommerce-trends-for-2016/#Marchitecture">his number one trend for 2016</a>, with companies needing to articulate their 'marketing stack'. <a href="http://machinelondon.co.uk/#/">Machine</a> seems to fit in somewhere here.</p> <p>Heck, it's even got an animated, <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67376-13-examples-of-websites-with-confident-typography/">big-font</a> scrolling-experience for a website.</p> <p>Here's how the team describe their product...</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67415-start-me-up-machine-a-platform-that-simplifies-mobile-programmatic-buying/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67413 2016-01-15T14:21:45+00:00 2016-01-15T14:21:45+00:00 Nine glorious digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>We’re halfway through January already, which means it’s basically nearly Christmas again, which is exactly why we’ve got, among other things, even more holiday season <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> for you.</strong> </p> <p>Oh stop complaining.</p> <p>We’re trying to educate you through the medium of data so that next Christmas you can smash your targets out of the park.</p> <p>You should be out in the streets cheering our name. Or something...</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67413-nine-glorious-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67408 2016-01-15T09:57:46+00:00 2016-01-15T09:57:46+00:00 Web design convergence: What? Why? And does it matter? Ben Davis <p><strong>Have you noticed that website launches fail to suprise any more?</strong></p> <p>Of course, that's because over the past 15 years, we've all seen as many websites as we've had hot dinners.</p> <p>But it's also because web design has been converging, thanks to the mobile trend, established interaction design patterns and also cultural conventions, as clients are influenced more by the crowd when deciding on their own approach.</p> <p>I'm continuing to explore my <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67308-15-crucial-web-design-trends-for-2016-beyond/">web design predictions for 2016</a> in more detail, so let's take a look at convergence.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67408-web-design-convergence-what-why-and-does-it-matter/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67401 2016-01-13T14:11:37+00:00 2016-01-13T14:11:37+00:00 Eight of the best US digital marketing stats we've seen this week Jack Simpson <p><strong>The holiday season seems like a lifetime ago already, but it has been <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67397-ashley-friedlein-s-10-digital-marketing-ecommerce-trends-for-2016">an exciting start to the year for digital marketing</a>. </strong></p> <p>In this first US-focused <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up of 2016, we’ll be covering everything from loyalty programs to Tinder and teenagers.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67401-eight-of-the-best-us-digital-marketing-stats-we-ve-seen-this-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67388 2016-01-08T09:50:00+00:00 2016-01-08T09:50:00+00:00 Nine brilliant digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>The first week of the new year is almost over. Well done for making it through. </strong></p> <p>Now give yourself a pat on the back while quietly admitting you spent most of it <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/35245437/drummond-puddle-watch-thousands-watch-livestream-of-puddle-in-newcastle">watching people struggle to walk through a puddle</a>.<strong>  </strong></p> <p>But the past four days were simply a warm-up for the real start of the year: the moment you open the first weekly Econsultancy <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a> round-up of 2016. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67388-nine-brilliant-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67344 2016-01-06T10:01:00+00:00 2016-01-06T10:01:00+00:00 Habitat's new mobile site: Great UX, poor content Jack Simpson <p><strong>Habitat’s traffic has increased by 35% in the past year, and 50% of its customers use mobile and tablet devices to make purchases. </strong></p> <p>As a result, Habitat decided to revamp its site <a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/mobile-experience-trends-briefing-digital-cream-london-2015">with a mobile audience in mind</a>. </p> <p>I thought I would have a dig around the new site to see how well it performs. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67344-habitat-s-new-mobile-site-great-ux-poor-content/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67347 2016-01-04T10:58:24+00:00 2016-01-04T10:58:24+00:00 50+ joyous digital stats from 2015's Festival of Marketing Ben Davis <p><strong>I've been trawling through the Festival of Marketing presentations from 2015, to deliver you some statistical goodness.</strong></p> <p>OK, it's a bit of a potlatch, but a damn tasty one with something for everybody's palate.</p> <p>Grab a spoon...</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67347-50-joyous-digital-stats-from-2015-s-festival-of-marketing/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67352 2015-12-18T11:01:00+00:00 2015-12-18T11:01:00+00:00 16 thought-provoking digital marketing stats from the past week Jack Simpson <p><strong>Well this is rather exciting. The final stats round-up before we all (sort of) detach ourselves from the digital marketing ecosystem and play that wonderful annual game of seeing how close we can get to actually eating and drinking ourselves to a fat and happy death.</strong></p> <p>So it is with pre-near-fat-and-happy-death levels of pleasure that I present to you some of the most interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen in the past week. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67352-16-thought-provoking-digital-marketing-stats-from-the-past-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67331 2015-12-18T10:09:00+00:00 2015-12-18T10:09:00+00:00 14 predictions for mobile marketing trends in 2016 Jack Simpson <p><strong>In the final trends round-up from me (until next year, of course), I’m looking ahead into 2016 to see what the most exciting developments in mobile will be. </strong></p> <p>Well, I won’t actually be doing anything other than collating the opinions of a group of people considerably more clued-up than me. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67331-14-predictions-for-mobile-marketing-trends-in-2016/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67342 2015-12-17T12:45:32+00:00 2015-12-17T12:45:32+00:00 10 of the best US digital marketing stats we've seen in the past two weeks Jack Simpson <p><strong>In this final US-focused </strong><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/admin/blog_posts/new/digital%20marketing%20stats">digital marketing stats</a></strong><strong> round-up before we all head home for the holiday, we’ll be covering the travel industry, a few more Cyber Weekend insights (sorry), Star Wars and much more. </strong> </p> <p>Let’s take a look at some of the most interested US digital marketing stats we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67342-10-of-the-best-us-digital-marketing-stats-we-ve-seen-in-the-past-two-weeks/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67328 2015-12-16T10:23:52+00:00 2015-12-16T10:23:52+00:00 The biggest trends in mobile from 2015 Jack Simpson <p><strong>Who would have thought those enormous blocks of plastic you could play Snake on back in the early noughties would end up completely transforming the way brands communicate with people?</strong></p> <p>Mobile is an exciting channel that presents an enormous amount of opportunities to connect with consumers, but it is evolving so quickly that many marketers are struggling to keep up. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67328-the-biggest-trends-in-mobile-from-2015/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67282 2015-12-14T11:36:00+00:00 2015-12-14T11:36:00+00:00 SEO trends in 2016: What do the experts predict? Ben Davis <p><strong>What does 2016 have in store for SEO?</strong></p> <p>The experts <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67272-what-were-the-big-seo-trends-of-2015/">have already summed up 2015</a>, let's see what the crystal balls reveals for the year ahead.</p> <p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67282-seo-trends-in-2016-what-do-the-experts-predict/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67318 2015-12-11T14:13:00+00:00 2015-12-11T14:13:00+00:00 16 intriguing digital marketing stats we've seen this week Jack Simpson <p><strong>The great Charles Dickens once said, “I will honour the Econsultancy weekly </strong><strong><a href="https://econsultancy.com/reports/internet-statistics-compendium/">digital marketing stats</a></strong><strong> round-up in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”</strong></p> <p>In all fairness, he may or may not have been talking about Christmas. But I’m no historian, just a bringer of brilliant stats. </p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67318-16-intriguing-digital-marketing-stats-we-ve-seen-this-week/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p> tag:econsultancy.com,2008:BlogPost/67313 2015-12-11T10:31:15+00:00 2015-12-11T10:31:15+00:00 Content marketing trends in 2016: curation, video & more Jack Simpson <p><strong>We recently published a round-up of all the biggest <a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67307-the-biggest-content-marketing-trends-of-2015">content marketing trends of 2015</a>, according to our panel of experts. </strong></p> <p>Now we’ve asked those same experts to go all Mystic Meg on us and predict what 2016 will bring, although I’m sure their approach was much more scientific than hers.</p><p><a href="https://econsultancy.com/blog/67313-content-marketing-trends-in-2016-curation-video-more/?utm_medium=feeds&amp;utm_source=blog">Read more...</a></p>