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CMOs must adapt to modern marketing (or risk becoming a footnote)

I don’t envy CMOs.

Their job is to be adaptive to an environment of continual change, to differentiate between what’s useful and what’s just a fad, and, most of all, to be generalists in an increasingly complex industry.

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What ‘data’ competencies does a modern marketing function need?

In our Modern Marketing Model (M3), ‘Data & Measurement’ is arguably the only completely new element introduced compared to previous models like the 4Ps. As it is new it is the least well understood and scoped. 


Video: Ashley Friedlein explains Econsultancy's new Modern Marketing Model (M3)

In October 2017, founder of Econsultancy Ashley Friedlein unveiled our Modern Marketing Model (or M3).

Friedlein gave the following rationale for the model: 

m3 marketing model

Introducing the Modern Marketing Model (M3)

The increase in new channels and technologies has dramatically changed the environment in which marketers operate. But the way in which marketing is taught, understood and operates has not really changed.

This is not sustainable. We need a new unifying framework as a reference for what marketing has become.