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Multi-screening trends in the UK

A recent study by Fast Web Media has yielded some interesting insights into multi-screening trends in the UK.

The report looks at 50 different UK brands and analyses their most recent 2013 TV adverts to see who is encouraging multi-screening. One ad per brand was watched and inclusions of URLs and/or any reference to social networks was recorded.

What is multi-screening? You can be said to be multi-screening when you are using more than one device (screen) at the same time.

For example, if you're watching a live sports event on TV and you're checking Twitter at the same time (like I was last weekend) then you are multi-screening.

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How can marketers react to multi-screen trends?

With increasing smartphone penetration, the growing use of tablets, as well as laptops and PCs, it's more than likely that people are viewing TV while using another device, or with one close at hand. 

For our Multi-Screen Marketer report (free to Econsultancy members), produced in association with the IAB, we looked at the trends in this area, and the important lessons for marketers. 

I'll look at some of the stats from the report, as well as examples of publishers and brands that are beginning to adapt to this trend.