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Bridging the gap between online and the call centre: Part two

In my last blog I looked at the important role the call centre team can play in improving customer experience in a multichannel environment.

In part two, we explore the steps companies can take to close the multichannel customer experience gap.


Bridging the gap between online and the call centre: Part one

Just how important is your customer contact centre to you?

For some companies, call centres are seen as a last resort for extremely frustrated customers who have struggled online or in store and need assistance completing their transaction.

In reality, the customer contact centre is at the forefront of customer experience and can often be the only ‘human’ interaction a customer has with a brand.


How to extract actionable insight from online customer feedback

The Reducing Customer Struggle report that we produced recently with Econsultancy found that the majority of etailers (76%) generally first become aware of website issues when customers call or email the contact centre.

The problem with this method and other feedback channels, such as voice of customer feedback forms, is that the onus is on the customer to help recreate or replicate the issue in question.