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Javari provides the best customer experience: study

Online shoe retailer Javari has the best user experience of 51 leading e-commerce websites, according to a new study. 

Javari, which is an offshoot of Amazon, achieved this thanks to excellent scores for search and navigation, as well as its delivery and returns process. 

I've been looking at the eDigital Research report in detail, as well as what Javari is doing well online...


20 ways for etailers to optimise site search and navigation

Improving your site search and navigation can have a dramatic impact on sales. Not being able to find the product you want is one of the top - and sometimes overlooked - barriers to conversion.

In this article I've attempted to summarise what I see as the most important steps to improving the customer experience. While some require specific technology, many of these ideas can be implemented on any website.


Uniqlo: site review

Fashion brand Uniqlo launched a redesigned version of its website this week. 

We had a fair few criticisms of the previous incarnation when it launched in 2008, so I've revisited the site to see what has changed... 

Uniqlo 1

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Best of 2009: 24 e-commerce sites reviewed

While online retailers are generally improving when it comes to usability there are still plenty of areas for improvement.

Retailers such as Asda, Debenhams and M&S have made some good improvements to their sites, while sites such as Kiddicare and The Book Depository offer excellent examples, though some, such as Woolworths and Whistles, could do a lot better. 

Here's a selection of the e-commerce site reviews we've done on the Econsultancy blog this year..


Site review: Debenhams

Debenhams launched a brand-new version of its website earlier this week.

As well as revamping the site, the retailer has added new product lines, including electricals, though this has been outsourced to Buy It Direct with a separate checkout.

I've been trying out the new site to see if the user experience has been improved...


10 best practices for horizontal web design

Some people don’t care for rules when it comes to usability, and with good reason. Not all sites are equal, and more importantly, not all audiences are the same. What’s right for a 15 year old might be very wrong for a 70 year old.

Personally I believe in a hybrid approach, whereby some of the fundamentals of web design should be set in stone, and adhered to. After that, it’s a horses for courses approach, where recommendations trump rules, which are in any case there to be challenged. Apart from white text on a white background of course. That would be stupid.

One of those rules that I would have until very recently placed in my top 25 usability fundamentals would be to avoid horizontal scrolling, at all costs. However, there seems to be a growing trend towards horizontal web design.


Site review: Toys R Us

Retailer Toys R Us has just launched a revamped version of its website, with the stated aim of making the site more intuitive and easy to navigate for users.

The company, which also claims to have been the first national retailer to launch an e-commerce site back in 1996, has announced the fourth version of the site using the hybris e-commerce platform. So has it improved the user experience for shoppers?