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NBC's Jeff Zucker is still wasting digital dimes

Jeff Zucker may have upgraded his assessment of online ad revenue, but that doesn't mean his network is ready to tap the digital space for all its worth.

The NBC Universal chief used to say that he wasn't ready to sacrifice "analog dollars" for "digital pennies." He's since gotten more charitable towards online revenue — saying that it now garners "digital dimes" — but that doesn't mean he's interested in collecting all of it.

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Reckitt takes the plunge into online advertising. Will it work?

A lot of traditional brands have been talking about their online presence, but Reckitt-Benckiser decided to put their money with their mouth is last month. After five years of organic growth in their advertising, Reckitt moved $20 million of their TV ad dollars to the web in April.

The company, which represents such brands as Clearasil, Lysol, Air Wick, Mucinez, and Finish, is moving the advertising for over 15 of its brands to the web.

According to TNS Media Intelligence, the company has traditionally spent move than 90% of its $475 million measured-media budget on TV, and last year spent less than $1 million in measured spending on the web.

But in order to get a better return on their investment, the company decided they needed to invest more in the digital space.

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NBC, NYT go hyperlocal, hope ads follow

Local TV revenues are projected to drop over 15 percent this year, according to some analysts. Yet at the same time, hypertargeted local advertising is growing. Pinning its hopes on local online advertising, NBC Local Media just launched Neighborhood News Pages in nine O&O markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The New York Times, itself no stranger to rapidly eroding ad revenues, has similarly partnered with EveryBlock to deliver more political news to the EveryBlock New York web site. Content pulled from the Times will notify users each time a local political representative is mentioned in the newspaper of record.


NBC Swallows PETA's Vegetarian Bait

GoDaddy's ads are regularly banned from the Super Bowl. No reason, reasoned animal-rights org PETA, not to jump on that same bandwagon with a little vegetarian porn.

In a letter from NBC's Advertising Standards department, PETA was advised to remove the following from their spot before the network would sell the non-profit some $3 million worth of airtime (as if):

:12- :13- licking pumpkin
:13- :14- touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli
:19- pumpkin from behind between legs
:21- rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin
:22- screwing herself with broccoli (fuzzy)
:23- asparagus on her lap appearing as if it is ready to be inserted into vagina
:26- licking eggplant
:26- rubbing asparagus on breast