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10 ways to reduce email unsubscribes

A well-oiled email marketing strategy can be unsurpassable in terms of ROI and audience engagement.

So, what are the myriad ways companies can keep their database plump and receptive and reduce unsubscribes?

Here are 10 ways.


Ecommerce email marketing benchmarks for 2016

Ah, email. The marketing channel that steadfastly refuses to die. 

And why should it? Clearly it still works, particularly when it comes to ecommerce.

But as an email marketer it can be difficult to know what success looks like. Never fear, though, because in this post I’m going to share some ecommerce email marketing benchmarks for 2016.

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Email marketing: finding the perfect blend of content & product

There's a mantra that all email marketers should chant.

In shortened form (my favourite), it's simply 'Who cares?'. The longer form is 'What does this email do for my customer?'

You see, metrics such as click-to-open rate can mislead marketers - it's not simply a game of shepherding the reader on to your website. A/B testing can only tell you so much.

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How to write a successful corporate newsletter

My search marketing agency runs a quarterly newsletter and I’m finding that writing it is almost as time consuming as maintaining a blog.

It’s also just as challenging, and in a similar way to an online corporate journal. You have to give the reader value, you have to behave sociably and not try to sell forcefully, you have to achieve your marketing goal and, on top of all that, you have to be interesting.

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How to fail at email marketing and lose subscribers

For all the talk of email marketing best practice, there are still those that persist in duping their customers to generate artificially high click rates.

One company, alas, is gadget retailer Firebox, which yesterday sent me an email with the following subject line: ‘And the winner is… you!’.

“Brilliant”, I thought, “I’ve won a gadget!”

The only concern I had was that I couldn’t remember entering any competition. But stranger things have happened. 

I opened the email. I clicked on the ‘display images’ link. And the image-laden newsletter duly unfurled in front of my eyes.

Oh for a light sabre!