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Visa enables NFC payments in LG, Samsung and RIM phones

Visa has announced that its NFC payment system is now certified for use in LG, Samsung and RIM smartphones.

The payWave application allows consumers to use their mobile to pay for goods at the point-of-sale.

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Telefonica trials NFC payments using BlackBerry smartphones

Telefonica Digital staff are to start testing NFC payments using BlackBerry smartphones, RIM announced in a blog post yesterday.

In collaboration with local banks and retailers, 350 Telefonica employees will trial the devices at its headquarters in Spain.


Q&A: Mobile Money Network CEO John Milliken

Mobile Money Network is a joint venture between Best Buy Europe and mobile payments firm Monitise, which aims to capitalise on the growth of mobile commerce. It plans to release Simply Tap, a mobile app which allows users to pay for products via SMS. 

I've been asking CEO John Miliken about the Mobile Money Network, and the future of mobile payments... 


Will NFC be the technology that tips us into mobile retail?

Research by YouGov has found that 91% of British consumers have not heard of NFC technology, while 70% have yet to hear of the ‘mobile wallet’.

Though Juniper Research predicts that $50bn in worldwide sales revenue will be generated by NFC mobile payments by 2014, it’s clear that there is some way to go before British shoppers turn their backs on cash in favour of their mobile.


Q&A: Cindy Krum cuts through the mobile marketing alphabet soup of NFC and RFID

cindy krumIt's going to be the year of mobile...again. Sure, go ahead and yawn (or laugh).  We've heard it all before, right? But smartphone adoption is through the roof, and cutting-edge technologies are gaining some real traction. So we caught up author and consultant Rank Mobile's Cindy Krum to help sort out some of mobile marketing's most recent acronyms, not to mention their viability.