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This week's top six infographics

Here's a round up of some of the best infographics we've seen this week.

We have infographics on social media at the Olympics, Apple's Q3 earnings, mobile content and the rise and fall of magazines.

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Olympic crackdown backfires as non-sponsors see traffic surge

The Olympics is only two days away now, and LOCOG has undertaken a well-publicised crackdown on non-sponsors’ attempts at guerrilla marketing.

However, new data from Experian shows that the overzealous approach to protecting the rights of official sponsors may have backfired.

As of last week, the Olympics was the third most visited sports category online behind football and cycling, while the average time spend on an Olympics website stands at six minutes 33 seconds.

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Facebook's portal problem

Apparently the next CEO of Yahoo will not be current Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. He reportedly isn't interested in the job, and one of the reasons may be that he has a new friend in Facebook.

According to the New York Post, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considering Kilar for a senior role at the world's largest social network. His job: get Big Media to 'like' Facebook.


Social Olympics: Nike versus Adidas

At the time of writing this article, there are just 40-something days left to go until the Olympics begins. And there’s been a lot of chatter  so far this year about how well Nike has capitalised on the ‘Summer of Sport’ theme.

So we thought we would take a closer look at how Nike (not a headline Olympic sponsor) has fared compared to headline Olympic sponsor Adidas in the social stakes on some comparable key terms.


NBC to broadcast every event for 2012 London Olympics

London's 2012 Olympic Games are fast approaching, and NBC, which has television rights to the Olympics through 2020, is doing everything it can to recoup its substantial investment.

That's good news for viewers in the United States this year because NBC's strategy will make the 2012 Games coverage the most extensive yet.


Will 2012 be the year of the sock puppet Olympics?

The Olympics certainly are a double edged sword when it comes to marketing.

The rules and regulations are heavily enforced but not always widely understood.  

In the UK there's even the Olympics Symbol etc. (Protection) Act 1995 which means making mistakes with Olympic marketing may have very serious consequences.


London's 2012 social media guidelines are fair game

There have been multiple reports of social media ‘restrictions’ being enforced upon volunteers for London's 2012 Olympic.

The 70,000 volunteers – called Game Makers – have been prevented from posting behind-the-scenes updates and photos to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. 


The AdWords which could give you a criminal record

In 2012 the Olympic Games are coming to London. They bring one of the most strict and heavily enforced set of trademark restrictions, sponsorship and marketing rule sets in the world.

Heineken: This is the Game

Using social media to make your sponsorship budget go further

Apparently, the 2012 Olympic Games aren’t just any old Games. They’re the world’s first social Olympic Games.

Sponsors are lining up their social campaigns, most notably BT’s Storytellers and Lloyds TSB’s ‘Local heroes’ campaigns.

But what of the (hundreds) of brands sponsoring major but non-Olympic events? The Grand National, FA Cup, Six Nations, Wimbledon, and the soon-to-be-not-the-Carling Cup? 

We did some digging around to see how some of the brands currently sponsoring major events are using social media to make their sponsorship deals go further...


Will Olympics sponsors make the most of social?

Billions are spent by global brands on sports sponsorship. Olympic sponsors will have to learn the lessons from last year's World Cup and make the most of social media to get value out of their sponsorship deals.


NBC gives in to live video — will stream Hockey live today

Do you hear that sound of ice cracking? If you're in New York, it might be on account of snowpocalypse outside. But elsewhere it's the sound of NBC warming up to live video online.

After taking a hard stance against live viewing of events out of prime time (and fumbling that strategy by hiding the America versus Canada hockey game on MSNBC earlier this week), NBC will be broadcasting the Men's Hockey Semifinal between the U.S. and Finland today online.


The Olympic Committee has bigger problems than ambush marketing

Attempting to control what is said about your brand in 2010 may seem like an attempt to put toothpaste back in the tube, but that isn't going to stop The Olympics organizers from trying. The Olympics have very specific rules about what can and cannot be said about the Winter Games  and the athletes participating in them.

But rather than focusing on the minutia of violators, the group would do better to focus on a bigger issue — brands don't feel like advertising with NBC or with the Olympics directly is worth the money.