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NBC has a new social strategy for the Olympics. But old prime time habits die hard.

With the impressive dedication that NBC and its top advertisers have taken to the internet for this Olympic games, some have gone so far to dub the 2010 Winter Olympics the "Social Games." But there is one small snag in NBC's rush to move toward real-time. The network still isn't showing video of major sporting events in real time — online or often even on television.

In the 2008 games, it was hard enough to supress live commentary online. But now, with Olympians, viewers and even NBC keeping up a running Olympic commentary, it's even harder to hold onto precious video content until prime time. It also doesn't help that NBC is giving spoilers with its live blog coverage.

NBC will track digital dimes for the Winter Olympics

NBC chief Jeff Zucker has made it clear that he doesn't want to share major sporting events on the web in real time, because of the dollars that will be lost from broadcast television advertising.

But that doesn't mean the network isn't interested in seeing where its digital dimes could be going. This year for the Vancouver Winter Games, NBC plans to track consumer consumption across channels.

Social media takes the field in 2010

2010 is a big year for the world of sport. Later this month, the Super Bowl will air, next month the Winter Olympics will begin and in June, the World Cup kicks off.

One player will be taking part in all of these events: social media.