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Bridging the gap between online and the call centre: Part two

In my last blog I looked at the important role the call centre team can play in improving customer experience in a multichannel environment.

In part two, we explore the steps companies can take to close the multichannel customer experience gap.


Bridging the gap between online and the call centre: Part one

Just how important is your customer contact centre to you?

For some companies, call centres are seen as a last resort for extremely frustrated customers who have struggled online or in store and need assistance completing their transaction.

In reality, the customer contact centre is at the forefront of customer experience and can often be the only ‘human’ interaction a customer has with a brand.


How to extract actionable insight from online customer feedback

The Reducing Customer Struggle report that we produced recently with Econsultancy found that the majority of etailers (76%) generally first become aware of website issues when customers call or email the contact centre.

The problem with this method and other feedback channels, such as voice of customer feedback forms, is that the onus is on the customer to help recreate or replicate the issue in question.


10 great posts on multichannel marketing

In advance of tomorrow's JUMP conference, I've compiled some of the best multichannel-themed posts from the last 12 months. 

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Customer service goes social

Companies have rushed to embrace social media marketing, but there's more to social media than marketing.

Increasingly, whether companies like it or not, consumers expect companies to respond to customer service inquiries submitted via social channels like Twitter and Facebook. 

Unfortunately, it currently appears that companies are generally more adept at social marketing than they are at social customer service.


Why is online customer service so bad?

For many businesses, the internet is one of the most important channels. Every day, millions upon millions of companies interact with their customers on the web and through internet-connected devices.

But despite the internet’s importance, online customer service often leaves a lot to be desired. Why is that? There are a number of reasons, all of which can be dealt with.

Here are some tips for improving online customer service...


The truth about the ‘death’ of the high street

The ‘future of the high street’ debate found its way back into the spotlight again recently with the opening of Europe’s largest shopping centre at the site of London’s Olympic stadium.

Last month, Stratford’s Westfield shopping centre, a £1.45bn hulk of glass, steel and concrete, covering 1.9m square feet and home to 300 shops, 70 restaurants, a 14 screen cinema, bowling alley, casino and three hotels, opened its doors to 160,000 eager shoppers.


Five tips for using Facebook for customer service

If we get bad customer service online, we vote with our feet. We stop doing business with the company in question, or take action against it. We call it out on Facebook, Twitter and (in the famous case of United Airlines) we notoriously write songs about it.  

Although most brands use social media to market themselves, relatively few provide really excellent customer service.

Here are my top five tips for getting customer service right on Facebook...


What do customers experience online? It pays to find out

Perhaps ignorance is bliss, but it’s certainly not in the recipe for commercial success. To eliminate the things that cause their customers to struggle online, organisations must first gain insight into the experience they provide.

They must identify the site issues that are most impactful to their bottom lines and remedy them quickly to minimise the number of customers affected by the problems.


UK mobile phone sites are rubbish: report

The UK's mobile phone retailers seemingly have a lot to learn when it comes to online user experience, with just two scoring 50% or more in a benchmark study.

The study by Syntagm looks at the websites of 12 mobile phone retailers, and having used plenty of mobile phone websites, it comes as no surprise that it found fault with these retailers. 


Q&A: Sienne Veit on Marks & Spencer's social media strategy

Marks & Spencer's online strategy has gone through a variety of changes in recent months. As well as revamping their main website, the British retail giant has embraced social media by incorporating ratings and reviews into their website, and using Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation and better engage with customers. 

It is encouraging to see a major brand like M&S experimenting with new online channels. By incorporating social media into their strategy, Marks & Spencer has enhanced its ability to respond to customers. Additionally, the brand is better placed to manage their online reputation more effectively.

At a recent iCrossing social media briefing, I asked Business Development Manager, Sienne Veit about the changes that Marks & Spencer has implemented and the impact of social media on the brand. 


Which etailers make it too hard to phone them?

Providing contact options for customers is a pretty basic requirement for online retailers, yet often users are forced to hunt around on websites for contact details.

While email can be a useful contact method, responses are rarely instant, so a contact number should be provided for customer support. yet so many retailers don't seem to want customers to call them.