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Dell eclipses $3 million in Twitter-driven sales

While multiple e-tailers are still looking for ways to cash in on Twitter followers, some are already reaping the rewards. Dell made an astonishing announcement yesterday. 

The company's has landed over $2 million in sales since June 2007, half of which were generated over the period of the last 6 months. The second million was driven in by "posting offers and responding to questions on"


Why not selling online can damage your brand

Despite the considerable economic doom and gloom, the online marketing industry still has va va voom, as a new forecast from Verdict Research illustrates.

The company admits that pesky recession is finally starting to hurt web retailers and growth in online spending has slowed, but it predicts that by 2013, online sales in the UK will reach £31.2bn, forecasting spending of £20.9bn this year alone.


Pitching products through the podcast platform

Hello Econsulters. This week I want to explore an online marketing tactic that does not necessarily work for everyone but which can be highly successful: podcasting.

Now, believe me when I say that this is not for every company. Not all industries lend themselves to podcasting, some are simply not interesting enough for people to go to the effort of downloading and listening to sector-specific audio.
However, some creative thinking can allow a higher number of firms than you may think to engage with their site visitors in this innovative way.

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Marketing: when the government gets it oh-so wrong

Last week I explored the ways in which the government succeeds at its online marketing, but even then I had to admit that these bursts of brilliance are few and far between.

Unfortunately, sometimes our leaders and public servants just get the whole thing so very wrong. Here are a few of their worst offences but please feel free to add your own. It is like bad call centre experiences, everyone has a story!

Governement family planning advice


Does the government get online marketing?

The government is not having the best of weeks, what with all the Hobnobs, moats and dog food controversy, so I decided to give our not-so-esteemed leaders a break and concentrate on what they can sometimes get just right: using the web to communicate with citizens.


Ten terrible terms used in online marketing

The best and worst thing about being present at the dawn of the internet is watching the new language that has been developed to cope with it.

With the news that 'noob' may be about to make it into the dictionary, I gave some thought to the language we online marketers are responsible for and, I have to admit, we have created our fair share of terrible terminology. We also routinely use some horrible generic marketing terms.


Recessionary reasons for really ramping up online marketing

Isn't it a shame when you can't finish a headline alliteratively? Anyway, despite the odd politician claiming they can already see the green shoots of recovery, the economic downturn continues to kick the nation's finances squarely in the groin.

Fortunately for my industry, there are many financial savvy reasons for continuing to spend money on search engine optimisation (SEO) and other online marketing strategies. I have listed the ones I consider most pertinent below but please feel free to add more.

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Century 21, Avon ring up total digital makeovers

avonOne rings doorbells for homeowners; another built a brand ringing doorbells to sell makeup. But by completely embracing digital marketing neither Century 21 or Avon is ringing many doorbells anymore. And key performance results have improved in their high-speed transitions.

It helps that both brands started their digital switch from a standpoint of 90 percent-plus brand awareness. And it helps that both brands start from a brand promise of personal customer relationships. But as detailed at today's Search Engine Strategies conference, the commitment to change and the pace of it was dramatic.

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