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Q&A: Sienne Veit on Marks & Spencer's social media strategy

Marks & Spencer's online strategy has gone through a variety of changes in recent months. As well as revamping their main website, the British retail giant has embraced social media by incorporating ratings and reviews into their website, and using Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation and better engage with customers. 

It is encouraging to see a major brand like M&S experimenting with new online channels. By incorporating social media into their strategy, Marks & Spencer has enhanced its ability to respond to customers. Additionally, the brand is better placed to manage their online reputation more effectively.

At a recent iCrossing social media briefing, I asked Business Development Manager, Sienne Veit about the changes that Marks & Spencer has implemented and the impact of social media on the brand. 


When social media attacks: learn from others' mistakes

As a social media marketeer, I'm very aware of how tricky it can sometimes be to prove the value of social media to a brand, particularly a brand with a self-deprecating view of their public perception.

I lose count of the ways I've heard a brand tell me 'Not everyone can be 'the Meerkat' or sexy like Nike', which in some ways is true, but that shouldn't put you off.

What should make a brand nervous is the prospect of getting it wrong, as in the examples I've gathered together for you here...


Pharma companies and social media

Healthcare in Europe is vastly different to healthcare in the US. The key difference that UK visitors notice on a trip to the US is the plethora of prescription-only medicines advertised on television. In contrast, this kind of brand marketing to consumers is forbidden in Europe and all prescription-only drug marketing is tightly regulated.


Brands on Twitter: When silence is the best policy

Individuals and brands are flocking to Twitter, but all the employees figuring out how to share their company's message on the new medium might be surprised to learn that often the best thing to do on the service is stay silent.

At the 140 Character Conference in New York on Wednesday, that was the most ardent advice for brands using Twitter. According to Peter Fasano, Principal at Mass+Logic: "The most important thing on Twitter, is knowing when not to Tweet."


SEO PR: What is it and why should you care?

Let’s face it, 'Online PR' is difficult to define, let alone 'SEO PR'. But it is increasingly a ‘specialism’ that many digital marketers are adding to their services. So what exactly is SEO PR and why should I care?


Innovation in search: how Twitter is changing the way people search and engage

Companies, organisations and social media aficionados alike are discovering that Twitter is a great way to reach wide audiences though a long term investment in short sharp communication.


Metrics and measurement crucial for Online PR in 2009

Measuring success from social media activity will continue to be a thorny issue for digital marketers in 2009, according to Econsultancy's recently published Online PR Trends Briefing.  


Social media marketing and online PR challenges for 2009

It has been interesting watching and taking part in discussions about our recent Online PR Industry Benchmarking Report. Over 300 UK marketers and PR professionals working for both in-house company teams and for agencies were surveyed.

Here are a few key report findings and opinions from those working at the coal face who blogged or commented...