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Raising the bar: Econsultancy's graduating class of 2011 builds on last year's success

Econsultancy's qualifications team is chuffed to bits to hear the news that this year's MSc in Digital Marketing Communications graduates not only achieved their qualifications, but aced them.

Out of the five candidates, three were awarded merits, whilst Daniel Tomlinson (Trutex) and Lucy von Weber (South West Wales Tourism Partnership) achieved the MSc's first distinctions. The university described all this year's dissertations as outstanding and we're inclined to agree!

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Q&A: Samih Toukan, CEO of Jabbar Internet Group

Samih Toukan is Chairman and CEO at Jabbar Internet Group, the leading group of internet sites and web properties in the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2000, along with Hussam Khoury, Samih founded the Arab Internet services company, Maktoob as the world's first Arabic / English email service provider.

Following the subsequent acquisition of Maktoob by Yahoo, Samih founded Jabbar Internet Group, an integrated group of online companies and websites. The group’s assets extend from e-commerce sites to online games, to advertising products & search services. 

I caught up with Samih to find out a little more about the companies within the Jabbar Internet Group, and the future of digital marketing in the Middle East...


15 online business models you’ll wish you’d thought of first...

It should come as no surprise that the continuing development of the internet is consistently resulting in significant shifts as to how businesses operate, consumers react and how products are bought.

Naturally, the very fundamental structures of business models are evolving in line with this, becoming far more flexible and innovative than has arguably ever been seen before.

Last year, I explored how the recession was effectively forcing organisations to get smarter and raise their levels of success. This year, I expect to see a greater emergence of innovative and disruptive business models, as well as new companies.

Already, there are lots of sites and services that currently exist, but I'm sure there's plenty more that will appear. 

Here are some that have caught my eye recently... 


Nordstrom increases sales by merging inventory

Nordstrom has added a new tool to its well-regarded customer service efforts: a seamless connection between the company's online and offline inventory. According to The New York Times:

"The change works this way: Say that a shopper was looking at a blue Marc Jacobs handbag at She could see where it was available at nearby stores, and reserve it for pickup the same day."

It may seem like a no-brainer to allow customers to purchase any item sold by a single retailer. But the unusual thing about this story is that many traditional retailers aren't already doing it. 

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Social media failure: examples from the travel industry

The travel industry using social media as a marketing channel makes complete sense and for the most part, travel organisations can be commended on their social media activity.

However, in lieu of the Econsultancy/Turkish Airlines Social Media and the Travel Sector Trends briefing, it seems that sometimes things can turn sour. Here are a few examples... 


Ford's economic lessons: In with new media, out with old ad formats

The automotive industry has had more than its share of setbacks in the last few years. But according to Jon Farley, Ford Motor Co.'s VP of global marketing, his company has learned some lessons from the economic downturn. And while Ford's bottom line might not show it yet, Farley thinks that Ford is poised to prove it soon.

Speaking this week at AdAge Digital in New York, Farley demonstrated some of the new media skills that his company has acquired. But he had bad news for publishers and networks hoping that a healthier car industry will result in an automotive advertising bounce back. Since the recession hit, Ford has learned how to do more with less. And even if the company's current upswing continues, Ford isn't planning to go back to standard ad formats anytime soon. 

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Things to consider when marketing to kids online

There’s been a great debate recently about what codes of conduct should be in place in terms of marketing at children via the internet.

If your customer base is children, what rules should you bear in mind to keep your marketing legal and moral? Is it just common sense or is there more to it?


Online privacy has never been guaranteed: why so surprised?

I've been following the debate recently caused by Facebook's latest change to their privacy policy, which seems to have got everyone talking about just how much privacy people should expect when they're 'living' in a social world.

Whilst I agree that people need to be clear on exactly which bits of their information is being shared and which is private, I don't think this is worth the furore that it's currently causing. Here's why...


Web retail goes for the win this holiday season

Rumours about the economy being poised on the brink of a rebound have been inching back and forth for the past few months, but it's looking increasingly as though one sector is ready to reap in new sales: online retail.

That's good news for online, but somewhat surprising considering the state of the general retail market. Just today many retail stocks fell sharply after news of sales declines in September. What's standing between online and offline retailers? A small dose of innovation.


Online lead generation still growing but becoming more competitive

Research published by Econsultancy earlier this week has shown that there is a continued trend towards online lead generation at the expense of offline techniques, but methods such as natural search, paid search and email are becoming more competitive.