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Facebook launches Groups for Pages: what brands need to know and consider

In June, Facebook changed its mission statement to "bring the world closer together" and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that "we want to help 1bn people join meaningful communities."

One of the ways Facebook is apparently going about trying to accomplish that is with the launch of Groups for Pages

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Facebook rolls out Reactions, an extension to the Like button

It's finally here: after months of speculation following Mark Zuckerberg's comments about the creation of a Dislike button, Facebook has unveiled an extension to the Like button that will allow users to express emotion when reacting to content.

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Do new features make Facebook a viable customer service platform?

Last week, Facebook revealed it is now home to 50m active business Pages.

So it's no surprise that the world's largest social network is working to make itself more business-friendly.

In August, Facebook unveiled messaging functionality for Pages to facilitate communication between users and businesses. A month later, it released updates, such as prominent call-to-action buttons, designed to improve the productivity of Pages for business use cases.


What non-profits need to know about Facebook's new fundraising tools

Social media has fast become one of most potent channels for non-profits and Facebook has launched new tools designed to help them use the world's largest social network to raise money more effectively.

Here's what non-profits need to know about these tools.

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Facebook wants to turn Pages into shops

The world's largest social network has built a billion-dollar ad business, but its ambitions don't end with advertising.

Now, according to a report, Facebook is upping its social commerce efforts and looking to turn Pages into hubs for shopping.

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Facebook updates page rules: The good, the bad and the ugly

Facebook promotion rules update: Could this devalue fans?

Facebook announced the latest in its never-ending series of updates last night, with some significant changes to competition and promotion rules.  

While these announcements are ten-a-penny, this latest tweak  could have a fundamental effect on the way many pages are run. 

Soar Above The SEO Bar With Page-centric Strategy

Soar above the SEO bar with page-centric strategy

As search marketers, we know that there are proven methods of improving our page rank such as creating unique and relevant content with the right keywords, promoting this content, and building links from the domains that matter. 

These are methods that have been used for the past ten years and while, these methods have been quite effective, SEO is more complex today. 

The rise of social media as an effective SEO tool, the growing competitiveness of SEO, and tough guidelines by search engines, call for a re-evaluation of how we have been doing SEO.


Google+ Pages: what you need to know

If Google+ is ever going to compete with Facebook, it's clear that Google will need to attract brands and celebrities to its social network.

After all, brands and celebrities have become a fixture on Facebook, with some racking up millions of fans.

Perhaps wisely, Google launched Google+ with a focus on individuals. The logic seems sensible: to build a social network in which individuals can connect with brands and celebrities, you need individuals.

Those individuals, of course, aren't interested exclusively in liking Coca-Cola or posting messages on Lady Gaga's wall; they primarily want to interact with real people.


Foursquare Pages: now open for business

With businesses increasingly embracing social media and expanding their use of it, it's no surprise that they're eager to set up shop on the hottest social media hubs.

Facebook and Twitter have welcomed business users with open arms, and many companies are beating down Google's door in an effort to get the search giant to accelerate the roll-out of brand pages on Google+.


Facebook's new pages: what they mean for marketers

Those of you logging into the world’s largest social network (so, all of you) recently may have noticed a few changes, particularly if you’re working with Facebook professionally.

Of course, unexpected changes to Facebook pages are nothing new, the network routinely tweaks privacy settings, sharing, logins and layouts on an almost weekly basis, but the new additions rolled out last night are particularly important to marketers. 

As we recently published our ‘How to create amazing Facebook pages’ report,  I thought I should give you a quick rundown of the new changes, and how you can use them efficiently to grow your brand presence within Facebook.


The top seven Facebook tools for publishers

Facebook may increasingly be on the receiving end of criticism related to its stance on privacy, but the world's largest social network is still one of the top places to reach consumers online.

With more than 400m registered users globally, Facebook is the world's largest social network, and publishers looking to stay connected with their users and acquire new users have plenty of Facebook tools at their disposal to do just that. Here are seven of them.

3 comments brings online retail to Facebook

In the world of brick and mortar retail, if you had to list one key to success, it'd probably be the good old "location, location, location".

Online, where anyone can set up shop, location works a bit differently. Some swear that a highly-generic domain name is the equivalent of a retail space on Fifth Avenue. Others strive to make sure they're visible to consumers through organic and paid search.