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How to get your online presence sorted for the Christmas rush

The Christmas season undoubtedly gives online marketers more nights of restless sleep than any other time of year.

The number of clicks rapidly fluctuate as more consumers each year take to the internet to get their Christmas shopping done and marketers need to make sure the right products are being represented at the right time, as well as correctly reflecting availability.

To help ease what is a very stressful time, we’ve been analysing data from the same time last year to help marketers prepare their campaigns to cope with key dates and fluctuations.


More creative testing tips for PPC marketers

From selecting creative elements for testing to reaching statistical significance, this four part blog series reviews basic and advanced tips for conducting a successful creative test.

Previously, we discussed how to select an appropriate test, maintain keyword relevance and limit opportunity costs.

Today I'm going to talk about prioritising and testing keyword tokens to use dynamic keyword insertion and increase creative relevancy.


Getting to grips with creative testing for PPC

In the search industry, keywords are thought to be the crux of any campaign, defining the intent of the ad to the searcher, so the challenge of pulling together a compelling creative can be a daunting one.

It comes naturally to marketers to understand their audience and formulate a message, but getting that message across within the narrow limits of a 130 character creative can be a challenge.

For all sizes of paid search programs, creative optimisation is still one of the single most important strategies for increasing traffic, lowering costs and acquiring more revenue. 

To make the most out of creative, search marketers have to rely on testing. This involves constantly generating, analysing and repeating new creative in order to deliver a noticeable improvement in keyword-to-creative relevancy.

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