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Five pioneering examples of how brands are using chatbots

The chatbots are here, and while it remains to be seen whether they are a useful technology or merely a passing fad, many brands are already putting them to work.

Here are five examples.

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10 interesting digital marketing statistics we saw this week

Here are some of the most interesting digital marketing statistics we saw last week.

Statistics include Ryanair's SEO woes, customer lifetime value, Pizza Hut's social strategy, email personalisation and another record-breaking month for The Guardian's.

For more digital marketing stats, check out our Internet Statistics Compendium.

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Pizza Hut tops the social chart for young audiences, is this a deserved win?

Which brand is the best at rapping with the teens? Pizza Hut apparently.

The pizza chain came out top in the Social Brands 100 Youth Ranking published by Headstream this week.

This ranking identifies which UK brands are best at building and maintaining social relationships with young consumers via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Or, which brands the kids think of more like a brother than a dad.

It’s fairly obvious that a brand tone of voice and the content it promotes needs to be tailored for the platform and the demographic that it attracts. An interesting question is which came first though? Did the young audience become attracted to the brand and therefore the brand had to tailor its content appropriately, or did the brand immediately target that demographic?

Look at me, talking as if I’m not part of the younger audience and like the 18-24 age group is a different demographic from me!

Generally speaking, brands that have done well in the ranking realise that content needs to be valuable in terms of being entertaining, informative or funny. For the youth market in particular, content also needs to be authentic, timely and relevant to time, location and culture, requiring a much more agile approach to marketing from social teams. Younger audiences also like unicorns and bacon. 

I’m not entirely convinced by Pizza Hut’s claim to the top of the chart however. Let’s take a look at the top 10…


Can Pizza Hut catch up with Dominos online?

Online now accounts for more than 60% of Dominos' UK deliveries, which shows how effective the pizza chain's web and mobile strategy has been over the past few years. 

It also puts rival chain Pizza Hut to shame, and it and other competitors may well struggle to match Dominos in this area. 

Dominos' success here offers some valuable lessons in the use of mobile in particular. 


Your social media initiatives might be pointless if...

Social media, as a channel, is hard to hate, and despite the fact that companies are still grappling with ROI, brands continue to pour larger and larger sums into social media initiatives and industry observers continue to show the same interest in highlighting and analyzing them as they did when social media first started to go mainstream.

But don't let any of this fool you. Investment and attention don't mean that social media initiatives are effective, or serve a useful purpose. In fact, many of them are arguably downright pointless.


Pizza Hut takes aim at Domino's with new mobile site

Pizza Hut launched a mobile optimised version of its UK website this week, making it easier for customers to place an order for delivery or collection on their smartphone.

It’s a useful upgrade to the site but the brand is still miles behind competitor Domino’s Pizza, which currently achieves 13% of all digital sales through mobile devices.

While rival Domino’s has generated over £10m in sales in the past year with its iPhone app alone, it has taken a long time for Pizza Hut to go mobile in the UK.

In the US, the brand was well ahead of the curve with mobile, yet in this country Pizza Hut has had no mobile offering at all. 

I tested the mobile site on an Android smartphone to see if it was worth the wait...


Pizza Hut iPhone app generates an extra $1m sales

Another example of the potential of mobile commerce comes from Pizza Hut, with its iPhone app generating $1m in sales in the three months since launch.

The app, which allows customers to order food on the move, is approaching the figure of 1m downloads. It is only available in the US at the moment.


RadioShack's name change: Newer isn't always better

RadioShack has a new nickname. Starting this week, the company's new "brand creative platform" will be "The Shack." Beyond the fact that the less descriptive name is also less forward looking, the repositioning gets to a larger point. Where does a brand go when its focus becomes outdated?


Pizza Hut keeping its name, still losing the marketing game

Last week, Pizza Hut received some negative attention when a rumor started that the company was changing its name to "The Hut." It is not. Pizza Hut issued a press release late on Friday to dispel the news:

"To the loyal fans of Pizza Hut and pizza lovers around the world, we're happy to tell you that nothing is changing, we're still Pizza Hut, America's Favorite Pizza."

While they will be retaining their name, a larger problem still persists. Pizza Hut thinks "The Hut" is a modern phrase.