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The big lie of AdWords average position

I'm going to tell you a story. A story about a metric in AdWords that people trusted.

People grew to love this metric, they told their bosses how it was doing, they made changes to their campaigns based on it, and they judged their performance on whether it went up or down.

But those people didn't see below the surface. Lurking under the superficially obvious meaning of the metric was a hidden dark truth: the metric wasn't just pointless, it was lying to them. 

That metric is Average Position, and I'm sure quite a few of you are guilty (if unintentionally) of taking it at face value.

Using real-time PPC pricing to increase sales

Many online retailers have hundreds if not thousands of products for sale on their sites.

For these retailers there is great value in using real-time pricing in their PPC ads to drive conversion.  

However, such a strategy can bring challenges for a team.

Brands are finding new budgets for Facebook advertising

Search budgets have increased by 19% over last year, Facebook spend has doubled in the same period, and the money for Facebook campaigns isn't cannibalising other online budgets.

Seven changes Search plus Your World brings to PPC

Search plus Your World is well underway in rolling out for English language searches.

The new evolution of Google is effectively live in the States and for many people in the UK, like myself, who search on the .com site by default rather than the 

Search plus Your World impacts PPC just as it impacts SEO. Let’s look at seven reasons why your PPC strategy might need changes due to Search+

How did Google AdWords algorithm changes impact campaigns?

Just over a month ago, Google announced the global roll-out of an update to the AdWords algorithm, which increased the value of landing page relevancy and worth when determining Quality Score.

Google predicted that the changes would alter keyword Quality Scores and ad positions for some campaigns. However, the company claimed that most brands would not see a significant change in overall performance.

Product Ads and the CPA model: the future of search?

With its new Product Ads format, which could potentially be offered on a cost per action (CPA) model as well as cost-per-click (CPC) next year, Google is offering brands an entirely new way to engage in and measure search advertising.

2012 looks set to be a huge year for search. 

Top 10 tips for improving your PPC landing pages

As Econsultancy highlighted earlier this month, Google has introduced the most significant changes to its PPC algorithm for some time.

We’re all aware of how important click-through rates are in determining your Quality Score but Google’s recent update now places greater emphasis on the importance of landing pages.

Alongside the undoubted effect such pages can have on improving conversion rate we’ve compiled Top Ten Tips for anyone looking to either build or choose the best possible landing pages for their campaigns.

Top 10 tips for testing PPC ads

Testing different adverts in your Google Adwords account is easy to implement and can be a real quick-win within your PPC strategy.

Testing can help you to drive better-converting traffic to the site, improving your Google Quality Score (QS) thus reducing your CPC’s and all the while making the auction tougher for your competitors.

Here are my top 10 tips for testing PPC ads... 

Google dropping right hand side ads: the experts' view

Last week, Google announced that it would be changing the placement of PPC ads on some of its search results pages, moving them from the right hand side to the bottom of the page. 

According to Google's blog post, moving the ads to the bottom means they 'fit better into the user's flow', and that this new placement improved average CTR. 

I've been asking PPC professionals about what these changes mean... 

Using product data feeds for search marketing

SEM is about producing compelling advertising that makes an online consumer click on the link within the advert. The more relevant an advert is to the search terms used, the more likely this is to elicit a clickthrough.

If a merchant can successfully match a product and the price, availability and delivery terms are reasonable then this will result in a sale.

A general rule of thumb is that Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns will deliver around £1 of revenue per click through to the website across all products within paid search. 

How dirty is your PPC?

A well managed Google's AdWords campaign does a great job in delivering relevant traffic to your site. 

However, if you leave AdWords alone to judge what is 'relevant' for your products or services you may uncover some surprising results. 

We have compiled a list of frightening and sometimes comical examples from real campaigns.

The value of significance in ad testing

Advert testing is critical to the continuous improvement of an Adwords campaign. It’s a reasonable bet that many of your competitors are testing new adverts, and hence improving their click through rates and conversion volumes over time.

Where do you think those clicks and sales are coming from?