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Overcomplicating your AdWords account

In many ways, effective Adwords account management is a balancing act. Whether you’re trying to balance sales volumes with the cost per sale or trying to write a compelling advert whilst trying to stand out from your competitors, you’re often pulled in opposite directions.

I am often approached to appraise accounts for advertisers, and one of the most common problems that I see is also perhaps one of the most understandable, it’s the result of failing to find the balance between relevancy and optimisability.


The seven deadly sins of PPC

According to the Catholic Church, there are seven deadly sins. They are, in effect, the root of all of the other sins.

Can the same be said of PPC? There are many, many mistakes that can be made, but can they be tracked back to seven root causes? And are these causes similar to the seven cardinal sins?

It’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds…


How to lose friends and influence no one

Too many businesses seem to forget customer service and best practice as soon as they venture online. They behave as though any sales behaviour is allowed via the internet.

In fact, with so many people relying on the web for shopping, socialising and research, these companies risk alienating huge numbers of people and damaging their corporate reputations.


How is Facebook advertising performing against search?

We’ve been testing the performance of Facebook advertising on our Facebook optimisation platform, and how it performs against search for a test sample of brand clients.

We did this by running two simultaneous campaigns across search and Facebook for each client (both campaigns are designed to work together, with a similar message and content). We’ve measured the impact of each on conversions (predominantly sales and registrations) on each brand’s website.


Social media and SEO massively undervalued: study

Now that TagMan has been tracking all the activity of some very big clients for a substantial period of time, we can provide some pretty definitive answers about how different campaigns appear in, and contribute to, the path to conversion.

From this data, we have proof that natural search and social media channels are vastly undervalued, while the effect of paid search is overstated... 


Wrestling with cross-channel attribution

Marketers (and many publishers) are wrestling with the problem of cross-channel attribution:  understanding what each channel adds to the entire process.

Producing a breadcrumb trail of user paths is too simplistic. The real key is understanding the incremental effect of each unit of media.


Seven departments you should involve in search marketing (but probably don’t)

Search engine marketers tend to work in isolation. The SEO and PPC function sits in various departments depending on the company. Sometimes it's marketing, sometimes IT and other times web design or maybe e-commerce.

Most of the time though, integration with other business functions is minimal and work goes on without consideration for other business activities.

But search engine marketing should be something which is at the heart of a businesses operating online. Every part of your business should be aware of your search engine marketing strategy and how what they do, influences it.

An effective search engine marketing programme involves most areas of your business; here are seven business functions which should be involved in your search marketing.


PPC best practice demystified

Most of the search marketing advice currently available has a tendency to focus on those best practices that are easy to apply at a campaign or ad group level. This is because deploying best practice techniques, such as targeted ad-groups with relevant, keyword-specific ad copy, have proven they can generate great results.

However, while this may be the case, those search marketers who are tasked with running more complex, large-scale campaigns will know too well that being au fait with the best practices is merely a small part of their job.


B2B Test: LinkedIn DirectAds

We thought we'd give the PPC ads in LinkedIn a go to promote our B2B Marketing Manifesto. Here are our experiences...


15 of the lamest Google Ads ever

Following on from our previous post on horrifying display ad placements, I've been looking for examples of when Google Ads go wrong. 

So here's a list of 15 Google Ads (PPC and AdSense) which are either badly written, completely irrelevant, poorly placed, or just plain funny... 


Two channels. One search. Zero excuses.

Most brands now engage in organic and paid search to a greater or lesser degree, but most do so with little understanding of the interaction between the two mediums, and therefore fail to acknowledge that search is one medium and not two and should be managed as such for maximum return.


Expert opinion: What’s ahead for paid search in 2011?

To coincide with the release of Econsultancy’s Paid Search Agencies Buyer’s Guide this week, I’ve been talking to some leading UK search agency experts about what 2011 holds for the sector. 

I’ve no doubt that paid search is going to become sexy again – we’ve seen PPC products and technologies emerging such as Google’s location-based ads, Product Listings, Extensions and Sitelinks.

Additionally, Bing and Yahoo! continue to challenge Google, while new opportunities for paid search are becoming apparent, ranging from mobile through to social media.

It looks to be an exciting year ahead for what some marketers regard as a stale channel, despite its effectiveness and accountability. But what do those on the frontline think?