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What social media analytics tool to buy?

Five tips for picking the right social analytics tool

If you want a social analytics tool to add value to your business, you have to buy it right.

Check out these five pointers for doing just that.

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A mini-guide to evaluating new digital marketing tools

Last week, as the world’s media dissected the details of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, I spent an inspiring day mentoring at Seedcamp Week London, where some of Europe’s most promising new startups are immersed into the Seedcamp system of networks, learning, and capital raising. 

The 28 startups taking part were getting ready to shake up a variety of sectors, from music, retail and design to healthcare, property and more.

I didn’t get to meet them all but I did spend time with two that are creating new digital marketing tools which piqued my interest.

If you're a vulcan, you can be objective.  The rest of us need to focus on communication.

Procurement: five ways to maximise communication

When you're buying, focus on opening up lines of communication, not on attemping to appear objective.

We’ve all been there, sat around a table talking to a series of vendors about how they’ll deliver our new site, or campaign, or brand.  

By the end of the day, we’ll be confused, up to our eyeballs in jargon, unable to remember quite who said what.