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Consumers respond to social media symbols on TV: report

It's well-established that the second screen phenomenon is real, and there's plenty of reason to believe that social media and television are a perfect match.

But just how well do social media-oriented calls to action on television actually work? According to consulting firm Accenture, they work pretty well.


13% of Europeans have scanned a QR-enabled outdoor ad

Only 13% of European consumers have scanned a QR code within an outdoor advert, according to research from CBS Outdoor and Kantar Media.

This is despite that fact that the study showed awareness of QR codes to be at 40%.

Interestingly though, in comparison to other interactive mobile technologies, QR codes are still performing well.


How to use QR codes effectively to connect online with offline

Online and offline are merging. We engage with prospects and customers in different ways during the lifecycle of their relationship with a brand:  in the search and prospect phase, at the point of purchase (or initial conversion) or during the after-sales and support cycle.

One way to easily get to grips with the different ways you can interact with audience is to break down the user journey

For the initial stages, the get in touch and get engaged phases, you need to have a strategy in place to get visitors back to your site to re-engage with them, especially if the initial contact was in an offline situation.

There are many ways of doing this but a good strategy is to become pragmatic and ensure you can run a campaign that takes hours to implement, instead of days.

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PayPal trials QR code shop in Singapore subway

PayPal has launched QR code shops in 15 Singapore subway stations, copying a tactic first rolled out by Tesco in South Korea.

The experiment allows commuters to buy Valentines gifts from eight retailers by scanning the QR code on their smartphone.


11 dubious uses of QR codes

There are some very good examples of QR code use, but many of them seem to be used without enough consideration of factors such as location and optimising landing pages.

Here are some dodgy uses of QR codes, some bizarre, some in ridiculous locations, others just plain stupid... 


86% of marketers to use 2D barcodes in near future

Are 2D barcodes, which include QR codes, destined to be a big part of the digital marketing landscape - or are they really just the latest marketing fad?

It's too early to say. Awareness and use of the codes amongst consumers is low on both sides of the pond, but there are signs that QR codes can be employed effectively. For instance, Glamour generated over half a million QR code engagements in a special September 'social edition' of its magazine.


TfL achieves 4,500 clicks on QR code ad campaign

QR codes are still yet to prove their value. There have been several high profile trials of late; but have they been successful and what do you benchmark success against?

Mobile web consultant Terence Eden has pulled together some stats from a TfL poster campaign that links users to a real-time bus schedule.

These figures show that since going live in November, the QR codes have been scanned 4,500 times at a rate of roughly 70 times per day.


Argos jumps on the QR code bandwagon with pop-up shop

Argos is the latest retailer to open a QR code pop-up shop in the run-up to Christmas.

In a move similar to the eBay store near Oxford Street and John Lewis' virtual shop window in Brighton, customers will be able to scan the code of a selected item on their smartphone and will then be sent to Argos’ online checkout.

There will be 75 Christmas gift ideas on display at Paddington today and Friday, and then in Waterloo on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Could malware kill QR codes?

Two-thirds of consumers don't know what a QR code is, and just 19% of UK consumers have ever scanned one. But with more and more businesses and marketers experimenting with QR codes, awareness and usage are almost certainly going to be rising.

That means one things: QR codes will increasingly be a viable target for hackers and criminals. In fact, according to antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab, they already are.


19% of UK consumers have scanned a QR code: survey

We recently published the results of a survey of US consumers which found that 64% don't know what QR codes are. Now we've repeated the survey for UK consumers. 

According to a survey of 1,500 UK consumers conducted online using TolunaQuick, 31% knew what QR codes were or what they are for, and 19% had scanned one on their mobiles. 

Here are a few highlights from the survey...


Blippar: a QR code killer?

We wrote about Blippar back in May before it launched, but now the app is out there and major brands are on board, we can see how well this alternative to QR works. 

This week, Tesco has been running ads in several national newspapers, with 'Blippable' content for users with the iPhone or Android apps. 

So is Blippar a better alternative to QR codes, or does it still suffer from some of the same drawbacks? 


Two thirds of consumers don't know what QR codes are: survey

QR codes may be popular among marketers, but the vast majority of consumers (64%) don't know what they are for. 

According to a survey of 794 online respondents by Simpson Carpenter, just 36% of consumers know what QR codes are for, while 11% have actually used them? 

Does this lack of awareness mean that QR codes are not such a valuable tool, or do they target a smaller but potentially more valuable audience?