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15 inspiring quotes from digital leaders

What makes a great digital leader?

That's the question we attempt to answer in our latest research, Effective Leadership in the Digital Age.

As a little entrée, I've compiled 15 quotes about leadership and company culture from some of the world's most famous digital leaders.


The home insurance quote process: how to avoid annoying users

In previous posts on home insurance, I've looked at how customers search, and how landing pages perform

Here I'll look at the user experience during the quote process and issues which may deter visitors. 

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35 heart-warming quotations for content marketers and strategists

‘Tis the season for some inspirational and consoling nuggets of wisdom.

I've rounded up 35 quotes from the great and the good that will hopefully give you food for thought in your content marketing efforts... Happy holidays! 


Is it all over for content?: 11 talking points

Is it all over for content? Are we all about to drown in cr*p? Are we all in Content Shock? Is the anti-content backlash finally here?

Here are 11 perspectives on the great content deluge debate...

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28 inspiring mobile marketing quotes

Think of this as the online version of ‘hang in there baby’.

Although to quote The Simpsons, as is my persistent temptation: “determined or not, that cat must be long dead by now”.

That’s probably not the most ‘inspirational’ start to a post that has ‘inspiring’ in the headline, but stick with me… 

On first impression, I am tasked with a tricky remit here. Bring together a collection of inspiring quotes from around the world of marketing on a subject that perhaps isn’t the most exciting topic to the everyday person about town, in order to fire your minds into thinking differently, thinking creatively or even just thinking full stop about mobile marketing. Sounds tough?

Of course you and I both know, savvy marketer, that mobile is one of the most crucial platforms in your marketing strategy. 

It was only less than a year ago that I remember writing sentences like “soon mobile phones will be the primary screen in which consumer’s engage with the digital world”. Now it just seems blindingly obvious. Writing about the dominance of mobile devices over desktop is old news. Also note the disappointing lack of Simpsons reference.

However if you’re still battling with senior execs over the importance of focussing on mobile, or if your marketing team needs a little extra push in the rallying-cry department, or if you just need a little inspiration yourself, here’s a few words on mobile marketing that may just help.


Altruism and sheer bloody mindedness: lessons from digital pioneers

Fresh thinking is vital if we want to grow and adapt with (or even ahead of) new technologies and innovations. If we stagnate we lose, just ask the England cricket team.

This often means taking some time away from regular projects and responsibilities, and giving ourselves space to look at things from other viewpoints and perspectives.

In my case, while ruminating about personal and team goals for 2014, I found myself exploring inspiration and ideas from some of our greatest digital pioneers.

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The digital marketing year in quotes

As always, there was lots of comment-worthy developments in the world of digital marketing this year.

Here's my summation of 2013 in quotes, from changes at Google, to acquisitions and mergers, and developments across social networks.

Got other quotes worthy of inclusion? Do leave them in the comments section below.