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Four important reasons why marketing should be personal

Personalisation is a fundamental part of digital strategy and a strong commercial case for using it is as follows: a reported 14% uplift in sales.

This stat comes from our quarterly digital intelligence briefing Why Marketing Should be Personal produced in partnership with Adobe.


Real-time marketing: just a fad?

The Super Bowl, despite being centered on a sport very few nations even care about, still represents a significant milestone many marketer’s calendars.

The sheer effort and attention means that whether you market to Americans or not, it is still a marketing spectacle that deserves attention.

Each year also heralds in a new shift in how the world’s leading brands are selling themselves, often trailblazing a global legacy in the way modern advertising is conducted.

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Just how fast is real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing is currently one of the most prominent trends in digital, however many businesses are still only just starting to experiment with this tactic.

Our understanding of what constitutes real-time marketing is also unclear, as many people simply associate it with quick response times on Twitter.

Marketing is never a completely spontaneous activity. By its very nature, communication with target audiences requires a level of knowledge (stemming from data and insight) about what the audience wants and how the product or service offered meets their needs. 

This processing of knowledge to decide on how to engage with audiences cannot happen without planning. 

A key question therefore is how fast is ‘real time’?

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What does a perfect agile marketing strategy look like?

A few months ago I compiled a list of 26 wonderful agile marketing campaigns, as there are some serious wins to be had for brands that can act fast. 

But what does it take to react quickly? 

Good timing is everything in comedy, in sport, in fashion, in cooking, and in business. Wait too long and you’ve missed your moment, but there’s a very sweet spot to hit if you get it right. As Anna Wintour says:

It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.

Vogue’s editor in chief could have so easily been talking about agile marketing, which requires superlative timing. How are you supposed to win the earned media game if you sit around twiddling thumbs, or don’t have the right set up to make things happen quickly?

With this in mind, I thought I’d outline the key agile marketing success factors, and to try to figure out what kind of team structure and processes need to be put in place.