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End of Year Analysis: 2009 roundup and 2010 predictions

It seems that time of year again, where suddenly end-of year roundups begin appearing and predictions are being made as to what’s going to happen across 2010,  some reasonable, some rather far-fetched.

I’ve no shame in saying that I’m going to jump on the future-gazing bandwagon, but in all fairness I’m also going to look at my previous thoughts about the direction of the digital marketing landscape to see if anything actually came true.


Facebook can't have Twitter, so it buys FriendFeed

By most accounts, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really likes Twitter. And as the 20-something CEO of a company that has raised over $750m, it's only natural that he'd want it,  literally. There's just one problem: when Facebook tried acquiring Twitter earlier in the year, it was turned down. The reason: Twitter didn't buy into the $15bn valuation Facebook was basing its share price on as part of the proposed deal.

So Facebook has finally done what many do when rejected: you settle for your second choice. And it this case, that means FriendFeed, which it acquired yesterday.


Real-time, red herring: why real-time on the consumer internet isn't the real deal

The buzz in the consumer internet right now is real-time. Twitter and Facebook have put the spotlight on real-time but now tech giants like Google and Microsoft are giving real-time the time of day.

Where is this all leading? Is real-time the most important thing taking place on the internet today as some believe or is it the next overhyped web fad?