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Acquiring talent is the biggest challenge for 2012: report

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That may very well describe 2012 for media companies.

As detailed in Econsultancy's 2012 Media Growth Trends report companies are optimistic about what they can accomplish this year, but they also face numerous challenges - the least of which is the prospect of deeper economic pain in Europe.


Zynga stomps on Silicon Valley tradition: report

Joining a young startup that goes on to become big is the stereotypical Silicon Valley 'dream.' And for employees lucky enough to have joined companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Groupon early on, dreams do come true.

Thank the Silicon Valley-originated practice of granting equity to employees for that. To attract the best and brightest, most technology startups have little choice but to give their employees an ownership stake in the companies they're helping build.

It's the Silicon Valley tradition that has become a standard, and for the employees who join startups that go on to do great things, equity can be the basis for fortunes large and small.


Six social media recruiting mistakes to avoid

With more and more companies looking to use social media, it's no surprise that more and more of them are recruiting individuals for specialist social media job roles.

But how do you find the right person to mange your social media strategy and execute it on popular services like Facebook and Twitter?

That can be difficult, and unfortunately, many companies make big mistakes when recruiting for social media positions.

Here are six of the biggest mistakes you should seek to avoid...


Five reasons your job posting is not working

Great businesses depend on great people, and that's particularly true in the tech and digital marketing industries, where many of a company's possible advantages lie in the gray matter of its employees.

When recruiting new hires, many companies turn to job postings to attract a broad, diverse pool of candidates. But the process can be difficult, and many companies struggle to turn job postings into interviews and great hires.

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Digital resourcing: improving the role of job boards

From a follow up survey of attendees to Econsultancy's Digital Cream event in March, one common theme was that companies, specifically brands, are struggling to find the right talent for the right roles.

Having just read the post on the launch of Adzuna, a social search engine which aggregates job ads from a range of sources, I got thinking about the role of job boards within digital marketing and e-commerce, and how they could be improved to make life easier for employers, recruiters and candidates.


Is telecommuting a good option for your company?

Recruiting great employees can be a significant undertaking, and in some industries, such as technology, many companies are finding it downright difficult.

But according to a survey conducted by, there may be a way to find talent, and pass less for it: offer telecommuting.


How to win at recruiting in five steps

The difficulties tech companies, particularly in the Silicon Valley area, are having recruiting engineering talent, has been attracting lots of attention lately. For technology companies of all shapes and sizes, people are a huge asset, and that means recruiting is crucial to a company's success.

Unfortunately, recruiting the right people who are going to help your business grow and succeed can be difficult under most circumstances.

Here are five tips for winning the recruiting game... 


Five bad habits that scare off great contractors

Recruiting great employees is often one of the most challenging tasks for businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses which don't have the brand recognition and bank accounts of large corporations.

But recruiting great employees is sometimes downright easy when compared to the difficulties businesses face in finding and retaining great contractors.


Five reasons NOT to hire THAT social media expert

Why is it still not uncommon to attend a social media or digital marketing conference and overhear stories about people with little to no significant experience who recently filled new mid-management social media marketing positions?

We laugh at the absurdity, but if firms can't differentiate between experts and newbies, how will they differentiate between the value of social media marketing and a hiring mistake when it all goes awry?


Google's troubles recruiting and retaining

Recruiting and retaining 'the best and brightest' is the goal of most companies, and that explains why, for most companies, doing so is a tough job.

Unless, of course, you're one of the most recognized companies in your industry and can offer your employees a top-notch salary, the ability to work on interesting things, and a modicum of "I work at..." prestige.


Welcome to the temp worker economy

The impact of the Great Recession on global workforces has been huge. Around the world, countless employers have been forced to lay off workers, make painful cuts and change the structures of their businesses.

The tech industry has not been immune. Stalwarts such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe are among those that have laid off employees and contractors.